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Ideas for Rest today- You deserve it!

Which kind of rest do you need today?
Which kind of rest will you allow yourself?


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Plants, Soil and How it Helps Depression & Anxiety!

I've been reading about the benefits of gardening and getting your hands in soil and how it can help depression, name it!

I haven't had the courage to make a garden yet but we repotted some of our indoor plants today. My 10 year old said it really calmed her down and helped her anxiety.

Even a few indoor plants can be a huge help and coping skill- having something or someone to take care of can really motivate you to get out of bed and get moving!

Is this something you already do or something your be willing to try? Let me know in the comments!

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Thank you, thank you, thank you for adding this group to your myriad of others available! I need this one more than anything! #PTSD #Bipolar2 #copingskills #Depression #Agoraphobia

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Curious #Bipolar2Disorder

Hello everyone! I was curious to see how everyone is dealing with their bipolar 2 symptoms since diagnosis? What are your most helpful coping skills (aside from the right medication lol)? What helps to ground you when you feel out of control? Does anyone have a lot of anger?
#help #BipolarDisorder #copingskills

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Any other better coping mechanisms?

So I've been struggling with self-harm again lately and want to find a way to break the cycle I'm stuck in. Any other better coping skills other than fidgets, music, taking a break/walk, journaling, and talking to someone about it????

#Selfharm #Healing #help #ideas #Anxiety #coping #copingskills

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Anxiety Survival Skills

I went to a second job interview yesterday. The job sounds amazing and I really want it. The interview went well and it sounds like if all the i’s are dotted and the t’s are crossed, I will be offered the job and start next week.

Over the weekend, I didn’t feel nervous. However the morning of the interview, my stomach was not feeling well and I could not eat. From past experiences, I know that sometimes this is how my anxiety manifests itself.

A few hours before the interview, my husband told me he was taking the afternoon off from work. He left it wide open for me to decide if I wanted him to go with me. I went back and forth for a long time until I decided I wanted him to go for moral support.

Since the anxiety was ramping up, I took one of my anxiety pills my psychiatrist had prescribed and tried my best to relax and let it work.

I was so glad that I asked my husband to accompany me on the trip to the interview. For one, he got to see the traffic I would be facing every day. Secondly, I was able to focus on my anxiety coping techniques on the way to the interview instead of fighting the traffic.

Below are the anxiety survival skills I used in the hours leading up to the interview:

1. I prayed! I really didn’t know what to say, so I basically chanted in my head Jesus, God, Jesus, God. I know the Holy Spirit speaks for us to God. Therefore, I knew God would know what I needed.

2. I took the anxiety pill that my psychiatrist prescribed for me. It is okay to use the medicine our physicians prescribe to help in times of distress. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

3. Riding shotgun while my husband drove, I was able to focus on relaxing my muscles. When my anxiety kicks in full force, every muscle in my body constricts. I have to be in tune with my body and actually tell my muscles to relax.

4. I also was able to focus on one of my go-to coping techniques and that is deep breathing. This works in a pinch when you are unable to get to a quiet place and practice other techniques.

5. I leaned on my biggest support person, my husband. It is okay to reach out to your support system and ask for help when you are struggling.

I am forever grateful that I have these coping techniques to help me manage my anxiety. With each and every anxiety-provoking event, I get better and better at leaning on my coping techniques instead of letting my anxiety become a run-away train.

I know that all jobs, even perfectly amazing jobs have stress. However, I am so fortunate to have learned these techniques so if I am offered this job, I will be able to manage my anxiety and be the best person that I can be for the position.

#Anxiety #copingskills #copingtechniques #MentalHealthAwareness

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New diagnosis of OCD

Hello, everyone! I went to therapy today and my therapist confirmed my suspicion that I have OCD. I’m wondering what kind of coping skills you use to help deal with the anxiety. Or any other tips and tricks for the disorder in general. How does it make you feel? Things like that. My best word to describe how it makes me feel is the “heebie jeebies.” Anyway - thanks for all your help! #OCD #copingskills