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Talk About It Tuesday: Diabetes Distress & Burnout

We host a discussion on a different diabetes topic each Tuesday in our community.

This week, we're discussing Diabetes Distress & Burnout.

Diabetes distress occurs when someone feels overwhelmed by the daily demands of managing diabetes.

Diabetes burnout occurs when a person becomes tired of managing their condition, and then ignores it for a while, or even permanently.

Here are the signs to watch for:

🔹 Feeling angry and frustrated about diabetes management
🔹 Worried about not taking good care of your diabetes but unmotivated to change things
🔹 Being hesitant to go to appointments or check your blood sugars regularly
🔹 Making unhealthy foods choices
🔹 Feeling alone and isolated

Both diabetes distress and burnout can lead to depression if left untreated.

Let's talk about it: Have you ever experienced diabetes distress or burnout?

Please share your experience and how you managed to get back on track with your diabetes management plan.

Tomorrow, we will discuss ways to combat diabetes distress and burnout before they cause depression during our Wellness Wednesday post!

#DiabetesType2 #Diabetes #ChronicIllness #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #diabetesdistress #Burnout #stressmanagement #Stress

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Under Pressure #DiabetesType2 #Stress #Diabetes #stressmanagement

For those of us living with diabetes, stress can make it more difficult to manage our condition. Stress disrupts our daily routines and causes fluctuations in our blood sugar levels. Stress increases our blood pressure and raises heart rate, resulting in rising blood sugar levels.

If you find yourself in a stressful situation or environment, remember, everything doesn’t require a response. Try these healthy strategies to help manage stress:

– Pause and rest

Stop everything you’re doing and take a break.

– Continue to take care of yourself

Continue to eat nourishing foods that boosts your energy. Take your medication and vitamins as directed.

– Get moving

Take a walk or run around the neighborhood or park. Dance or lift weighs. Staying active helps relieves stress by increasing your endorphins.

– Do relaxation exercises

Deep breathing signals your brain to calm down and relax.

– Meditation and prayer

Feeding your soul really helps with managing stress.

– Talk it out

Talk to a trusted family member or friend. You can also join a support group or seek professional help.

– Have a good laugh

Laughter is an awesome stress reliever and it’s good for the soul!

– Have a good cry

There is a lot of healing that takes place when you shed a few tears.

The next time you find yourself enormously under pressure, put these strategies into action! I encourage you to do what I like to call the PURE method:

– Pause what you’re doing

– Use your stress management strategies

– Regain your composure

– Establish a new game plan to help relieve the stress in your situation

Unfortunately, stress cannot be avoided. However, how we cope and respond to the stressors make a huge impact when it comes to managing diabetes and our overall health.

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Anxiety Tip: Armpit Hug

If you’re feeling stressed... try this. It’s discreet in public but it works! Tightly grab your left armpit/chest area with your right hand. With your left hand, securely fasten your right armpit. Hold firm. This will slow your nervous system and calm down your physical symptoms of anxiety. Take big breaths and hold this position until your anxiety has passed!

#Anxiety #AnxietyTips #AnxietySymptoms #MentalHealth #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #managestress #Stress #stressmanagement

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Staying Present

A picture from my walk today. This gives me great pleasure in seeing the beauty of nature. #Anxiety #stressmanagement #Outdoors #Holistic #Alternative

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Free App for Women to Reduce Stress

Women! Clementine is a free smartphone app that helps you to:
Feel calmer
Believe in yourself
Sleep better

I tried it out the past two days and loved it. So wanted to share because I know I want you all to share your favorite resources with me. I have PTSD and it is really bad right now. This free app has helped me.

Right now only available for iOS (Apple) but Android is coming soon. No gimmicks. It’s from the UK so you know data privacy is covered. One of the best hypnotherapy apps I’ve tried.
#Sleep #hypnotherapy #Confidence #stressmanagement #stressrelief #Stress


I need help from one of you super organized and “go do it” Supermoms, to make me get my shit done!! #Momspiration #Spiraling #Adhdinwomen #messedup

Recently, I’ve been feeling like I’m spiraling downwards. I’ve been pushing off, important things I need to do, I’ve been making excuses for everything, and my mood is like a tornado, never to know where it will lead me. It’s been extremely stressful these last few months. I need to plan a wedding, in my home country of Germany, with my fiancé, that’s Italian-American with dual citizenship. And let me tell you, I’ve never hated German bureaucracy more in my goddamn fucking life. From horrible opening hours to, OHHH we’re not open on Mondays or weekends. I also should clean up my apartment, which by the way, I haven’t done in weeks. And then, there’s the big clock ticking over my head, that I need to empty out my home by mid April. So I’m running out of time, and my motivation is nowhere to be found. Giving up is not an option, I can’t let my fucked up head, and my unmotivated ass, get the best of me. I know I can do all of this, I did if before! I’ve packed up my whole life, and moved across the Atlantic before, so why shouldn’t I be able to do it now?! It’s just another move, just another episode of my head, not agreeing with my responsibilities, just another way, my ADHD is testing its limits. But I didn’t come this far, to just give in to it now. I’ve fought before and I’ll fight again this time.
I know I’m not the only one here, to have these problems. Hell, all you moms out there are superheroes to me, with your organization, planning, and executing of all the things you have to manage daily. So can we make a deal for just right now, and you’ll be my mom for a second, and you tell me how to get my head out of my ass, and get my shit done! Pretty please with a cherry on top? #needhelp #Unmotivatedperfectionist #stressmanagement #Anxiety #movingout #Cleaninghouseissues

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How do you deal with stress? #stressing #stressmanagement #MentalHealth

I am stressing way to much over everything I am doing and I am really bad at dealing with stress. So I need a few tips on how to deal with it before I start crying due to the stress and fear I am so familiar with. Every little tip is helpful and appreciated, because I am utterly lost.


Managing BDP #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #copingskills

I've been doing this thing whenever I feel like I might be losing perspective on things and it seems to help me settle some of my thoughts. I start writing and I write no matter what comes out, good or bad or repeating.  Short or long sentences but just one sentence at a time, journal writing is huge for me but sometimes it feels so overwhelming.  Slowly with time the gist of the lines have gotten more positive and geared towards getting me through the moment I'm struggling through.  When I first started the lines were negative and mostly self depreciating.  Now I use this to be real, acknowledge what's going through my head and to move past it.

What do I know today: I know...
... my son is healing from his surgery.
... I'm giving him the best care I possibly can.
... his dad is trying & we might not agree but he's not a danger to my son.
... that scares me a little.
... the stress of this situation has a tight grip on my throat.
... I will survive this.
... I will be ok.
... I can manage this without cutting.
... I want to cut.
... I'm not going to cut.
... I want to cut.
... tomorrow is coming and it brings a new page to write.
... I have the tools to make this the best life.
... I may fail.
... I may falter
... that won't define me.
... I'm not a loser.
... I have the strength even when I don't feel it.
... I can.
... I will survive this.
... there are people who love me in my life.
... today may be tough but tomorrow will be better.
... this is my life, I'll live it by my own design.
... I am ok and managing my life.
#stressmanagement #acknowledgement #Writing #WritingThroughIt

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Letting it go! #ChronicIllness #stressmanagement

This morning I awakened feeling miserable. And I 100% knew why. Stress causes flare ups and it is a known fact. However, in this instance I knew I allowed myself to stress and get mad at something and someone who I had no control over. They are going to continue to be just as deceptive and evil and ill-willed, despite my trying to get them to see the error of their ways and how many people they are hurting. And me getting mad is me becoming a victim of them as well. Welp, not any longer. Dr. Maya Angelou says it best. So now that I know better, I will do better.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, I encourage you to let go and restore your peace. You owe it to yourself.