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recently there was a very serious ‘hit list’ student with intent to do harm where I work. for the most part the district responded positively, however I’m a part of the custodial crew and while the campus was closed for all, we were to report. the only ones. I deal with mental health and this incident triggered me. I did comment of the how as part of the custodial crew my mental health was viewed less important. in response the district is encouraging us to take a mental health day however mine would be unpaid I don’t see how this solves anything it’s just compounding the problem that my mental health is viewed below the rest of the staff. I’m not sure how to continue to fight for what’s right as well as be an advocate for those around me. #Advocatingformyself #CheckInWithMe #needhelp


Advocating for yourself

Recently my health has been going down. I’ve been falling and tripping Over nothing. My body has become very weak and ill. I can’t stand or sit for too long without feeling pain in my legs or hips/ back, daily task are very hard for me to do now. Such as making my bed or doing laundry. I have never had this issue before and when I tell my family and friends about this. Some think I’m overreacting and some think it’s all B.S. How do I advocate for myself if all I see is people putting me down. #Depression #Advocatingformyself #help

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#52SmallThings #Advocacy #Advocatingformyself

Yesterday I wore my #Unstuck #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder shirt while playing basketball. I also advocate for #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder and #nvld whenever I can to help people become more aware! There are lots of good books about OCD. One of my favorites is Compulsion by Heidi Ayarbe. What are your favorite books that represent your disorder/challenge/etc?