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Would you like to share your inspiring story living with autoimmune disease #autoimmuneawareness

Hiya lovely people! I'm preparing to spread autoimmune illness month in March and I hoping some of you would like to share your inspiring story with autoimmune disease, and I will share your story via my blog PM me if you are interested, your story will be completely anonymous unless you say otherwise


It could just as easily been you

I was once you.
Nice car.
A home.
Name brand clothes.

I had the office. The title.

I did everything right.

And that's all you saw- what I brought to the table and could do for you.

Now. Here I am. Soul laid open, my struggles and perseverance for all to see and what are you worried about?

What you might have to do FOR me.

When did we stop SEEING people? When did we all become so selfish?

We shouldn't have to prove our worth like a resume.

Just remember when you are looking at me and worrying about things I can't control:

It could just as easily have been you.

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I have autoimmune disease and mental illness sometimes the pain is unbearable most times it's at a base line it tends to stay at. Today it's unbearable I feel like I can't move without wide spread pain even my ears hurts and it's effecting my mental health I tend to disassociate when the pain is so bad it's a terrible state and not many people in my life understand it it's hard. I know this disease will never go away and it's tough knowing days like today are going to come and go. #autoimmuneawareness #sjogrens
#borderlinepersonality #symptoms #SideEffects