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Things I’m Longing For Today

Finding seashells on the beach.


Forests filled with moss and mushrooms.


An end to my pain.

#Lupus #photosensitivity #sunlightallergy

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What is worse?

I don't know which is worse: being up All nite without sleep completely,OR going to sleep early, then waking up a couple hours later and not able to go back to sleep AT ALL!!?? The second one is like a Tease: gives you a taste of sleep,which is great! BUT that's ALL you get!! No more sleep,period!
Then,the Up All Nite with NO Sleep whatsoever !! And then Up All Day with No naps! And the Big Question is,Will I Sleep Tonite?? Which tortures you ALL Day!!. What will you do as bedtime approaches? Which would you prefer?? The Tease or the Guarantee?? Or,do you want to be surprised?? Which do you want???!!

#Insomnia ,#Bipolar 2, #Anxiety ,#RA & OSTEOARTHRITIS,#Fibromyalgia ,#chronic Pain,#spinal discs & nerve involvement,#Torn Hip Lable anchor,#Neuropathy ,#PTSD ,#Depression ,#chronic Eye disorder,mainly Double Vision,#Increasing number of Falls,#Quad Cane for mobility assist,#MORE Anger,#Stressincrease ,#coloring to help Decrease Stress at home,#photosensitivity ++ Rashes,#chronic Itching,#chronic Frustration,#Too Many Meds that I Need All of Them,#Peppermint Ice Cream as go-to Comfort Food when Pizza not available,#My Own Music Therapy,#a Christian & Believer in Prayer,#Wordiness - not know when to Shut Up!!!#a Highly Sensitive Person,#a TV time Rationer on purpose to keep stress & anxiety at lower amount,#Art Lover- just not talented to produce Art myself,# The End.


Getting new glasses tomorrow

Well I’m picking them out and they will be here within the week (Thank God for Medicaid) Medicaid will cover the glasses and the tint I need will be less than $20 out of pocket. The good thing with being high-risk during this mess is my wife and I have saved a lot on gas and other stuff, so we can afford it, no problem.

I’m so excited! Will post pictures when in store and when the finished product comes in!

Now I don’t have to wear two sets of glasses all the time, and it’ll be a lot easier using my headset for speech-to-text

#IdiopathicIntracranialHypertension #photosensitivity #Bipolar1Disorder #ADHD #FuriouslyHappy


What products or solutions have you used to deal with the bright lights from driving at night? #Fibromyalgia

Now that it's winter, it's dark earlier and I can't avoid driving at night. What products or solutions have you used to cope with the bright lights that hurt the eyes? My fibro doctor says that #photosensitivity is a symptom of #Fibromyalgia, but was unable to give me any solutions. #Photosensitive #Astigmatism #Fibromyalgia


Any suggestions about what I should do next? #PostconcussionSyndrome #Neckinjury #photosensitivity

I’ve been through a lot of appointments in the last 6 plus months since I fell skiing. For the most part they have been very helpful to a point but each therapist I see gets to a dead end where there knowledge and training can’t take me any further. Recently someone suggested seeing an osteopath so I will try that but it takes a while to get into - I’m willing to try pretty much anything if it might help. So it occurred to me that there may be other suggestions out there that I am not aware of - because I had never heard of osteopathy before.