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I'm so sorry mighties! And thank you!

I just felt like saying this and here is the only place I can truly say what I'm thinking about.

So I want to say I'm sorry to you all!

I know mental health is not a competition and I'm not looking for attention or reassuring comments. I just wanted to let this out because it keeps running through my mind.

I've been reading to stories here, some of them so hard to read I don't even know how to respond, how to make it better. Knowing that I probably can't, hurts. But it's not about me.

I feel guilty for being depressed for so little when people here have serious problems, chronic pains, all kinds of medical needs. I just feel guilty and this post isn't to make this about me.

It's because I wanted to say that I see you. I hear you. Even if I don't comment to all of you, sometimes I feel too inadequate or uneducated to do so. But I wish I could heal you. I wish I could make your life easier. I hope life will give you everything you deserve in the end!

You're beautiful, beautiful people.
So strong.
So inspiring.
Thank you for still being here! #MentalHealth #MentalHealthHero #Survivor #appreciationpost #Depression #MightyTogether

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#Depression #appreciationpost

I thank you all for sharing with me and creating this safe space for me to be able to share my emotions freely. I appreciate it more than you'll ever know.


For my friend...(A) #appreciationpost #Love

Appreciation time: You are just as important as anyone else. Your existence makes a difference on this Earth, whether you see it or not. You can overcome anything, both big and small. You will make mistakes but guess what who cares! We all make mistakes, just learn from them:) Live life to it's fullest, experience new and exciting things. Know that you are special and different from everyone else. You are a great person, inside and out. You are kind, understanding, funny and as you know it a bit shy, but that's ok:)) There will be times when you have stormy days, just know that you will get through them. If you ever feel like you have no one just know I'm always here, to listen, talk and help. I hope you realize just how amazing you really are. You deserve the absolute best. Thank you.


Thank You For Sharing

For you, who had shared your stories here; thank you.
By reading them, it makes me realize I'm not alone. It gives words to what I usually endure in incomprehensible silence. It makes it slightly less painful.

Sometimes, I couldn't say anything, because I'm afraid any words coming out of my mouth, any comments I type might sound judgemental, or just make it worse. But I give you 'hearts', signifying ,"I hear you.", "I'm here for you."

Thank you for being here, sharing. Don't stop.

#Depression #Anxiety #Recovery #sharingiscaring #Support #Appreciation #appreciationpost


Thank The “little man”

The “little man” does all the work
The “little man” breaks his back
The “little man” works all day
The “little man” is exhausted
The “little man” is even a manager
Who sells his soul to the business
The “little man” is part time or full time
Works for little or nothing most times
For the “Big Man” who makes the profits
If the “little man” stopped working
The “Big Man” would no longer exist
So thank the “little man” the hard worker
For putting up with the stresses, the pain
For sacrificing his time, and making nothing
I salute all you hard workers out there
Busting your balls to make the world work
I have so much respect for you all
Staying strong and holding on
Fighting to stay alive and sane
To all you cops, EMTS, military men
Deli workers, public works, restaurants
And every other low paying stressful job
You are truly not a “little man”

#Work #appreciationpost


Another week coming to a close #appreciationpost

I imagine we all had ups & downs this week, but... You made it. You dealt with more than others often realize. Your days may look different than they did 5 or even 1 year ago, but YOU DIDN’T LET THAT STOP YOU. Your authenticity , perseverance, & willingness to share with other Mighty warriors made those days better for others. THANK YOU🌸

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Appreciation post #CheckInWithMe

I wanted wanted to quickly let everyone who is reading this, who writes stories or posts, who uses this app/website in any way, or anything else, that I appreciate you all so much. Everyone who I’ve had an encounter with has been so kind and caring, which is support that not everyone is lucky enough to have. I hope that everyone who sees this feels important because everyone is more important and valid than they may ever know. I hope everyone has a good end of the week! #appreciationpost #Love


Thank you Mighty-ians! 💛 #appreciationpost

It’s ‘funny’ how sometimes a person you don’t really know can have a huge impact on your life, and also save you from falling in depressive episode again. I’m blessed! Those who’s commented on my recent thoughts, a BIG thank you! You guys know who you are. *hugsss*