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Thank you Mighty Team & Community

#Gratitude #thankful #Appreciation #Love

Thank you so much for all you do and for being you.

There are so many that depend on you and all you do.

This is our thank you to you for all you do.

Thank you.

Blesss you.

God keep you.

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#Gratitude #Appreciation

Gratitude is a conscious, positive emotion that can be expressed when one is grateful for something, tangible or intangible. Gratitude entails far more than simply being courteous. It's a practice that entails acknowledging someone else's gesture toward us or the good things in our lives. It entails the process of recognizing both the positive and its outcome. Gratitude is simply defined as "the state of being grateful." It is a social emotion that expresses our appreciation for what others have done for us.

On the other hand, appreciation can be defined as recognizing the value and meaning of something. It can be an event, a person, a behavior or an object. Feeling a positive emotional connection to it shows appreciation toward the thing.

Although some people confuse appreciation and gratitude and use the terms interchangeably, others see them as distinct concepts. Gratitude serves as the foundation upon which appreciation grows and flourishes. That is, we can be thankful for something without truly appreciating it.

The subtle shift from gratitude to appreciation requires being more present, thoughtfully aware and active in reflecting on why we are grateful for something or someone. We begin to generate feelings of appreciation as we become more aware of the present moment. Whatever we value, it blossoms and increases in value.

You can refer to this:

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Happy Memorial Day! #PTSD #Depression #Sadness

Wishing all those who made the ultimate Sacrifice to Serve and protect. We Honor and Remember you and Thank you! It is not just another Holiday, it is not just one day, but always Thank you!

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"Love" is such an impactfull word, filled with great emotion, and filled with nothing.
So can I, should I "love" myself, when it can mean so many different things to different people? In many cases, far more negative than positive.

I prefer the term, "getting to know myself. My "self". That individual deep inside of me. The one with all the unique thoughts, ideas and interpretations. The one whose voice you'll rarely hear. The one whose still making her way fully to the surface.

Can I "love" that "self"?

After more than 20 years, I can say that I like her. The "her" that is me. I admire, respect and cherish me. And that is definitely good enough. But do I love my "self". Do I have to love my "self"?

I believe I do. Because by truly loving my "self", I encompass all of the things I appreciate about me. I am still getting to know that part of me and I don't like everything about me, but I do love me, which has made such a huge difference in my life.

With my "self" love, I have discovered respect, admiration, growth, acceptance, responsibility, appreciation, fun, trust, freedom and so much more and I cannot wait to see what more there is to discover.

But it takes time. And if knowing yourself is all you feel you are capable of doing, then go for it! It's not what we call it that is important, it's what we learn from ourselves and how we use our new abilities that truly matter.

#Bekindtoyourself #findingmyself #embracetheunknown #innercompassion #Love #Selflove #knowingmyself #Respect #Appreciation #speakup #mentalhealthjourney
#wellness #ucandounlimitedchange

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Layered #ArtfulHealing

Slinging paint without a plan. Letting the subconscious be in control. How do you think it turned out?

🎨 painted with acrylics and modeling paste.

👉🏼 Back story: this canvas had been torn badly in storage. Instead of seeing it as garbage I simply taped the back up good and started repainted the repaired piece. I can still see the scars underneath the layers but it would take a keen eye for anyone else to see it. Interesting how art imitates life, or does life imitates art?

#Broken #Scars #ArtTherapy #Appreciation

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My Mighty Family

Hey there, how’s everyone? I was just laying awake as usual at 3:30 am in the morning cause I’m up chatting with our good ol pal insomnia. Then I think oh let me get on The Mighty it’s become my favorite app next to Facebook. I love that I can come here and complain and not feel judged or find others who understands me more than my own family, shoot you guys are practically family I think I spend more time chatting here than I do with home family. I hope yesterday was ok as it could’ve been, I hope you were given a reason to smile. I love you all Incase you hadn’t heard it yesterday or I’d like to be the first to tell you today. Your amazing, strong, wonderful and worth so much too me #Love #TheMighty #strong #worthy #Loved #Lupus #Insomnia #Appreciation #Family #Blessed #HighlyFavored #Iloveyou #OpalLovesYou #ChronicallyFablous #chronicallyill #ChronicIllness #YouDeserveItAll

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Happy Thoughts

Here you go, girly. Sunsets remind me of the beauty the world can show us when we are not feeling so beautiful. #CheckInWithMe #HypermobileTypeEDS #MentalHealth #copingmechanisms #Appreciation

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Thank You For Sharing

For you, who had shared your stories here; thank you.
By reading them, it makes me realize I'm not alone. It gives words to what I usually endure in incomprehensible silence. It makes it slightly less painful.

Sometimes, I couldn't say anything, because I'm afraid any words coming out of my mouth, any comments I type might sound judgemental, or just make it worse. But I give you 'hearts', signifying ,"I hear you.", "I'm here for you."

Thank you for being here, sharing. Don't stop.

#Depression #Anxiety #Recovery #sharingiscaring #Support #Appreciation #appreciationpost