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Through the ages the evolution of expectation has led to fewer and fewer of us being able to recognise the present moment. In expectation we set a bar often so high that our plans will fail, hope will dwindle and instead of embracing the now we are torn between an anxiety of what could happen next and a depression of what could have been. Before we were born there were expectations on our weight, hearing, how much hair we would have. When we first saw the light of day expectation fell on when we could crawl, could eat solid food, could smile and walk, go to the toilet and talk. We see what others deem to be the normal and align our expectation to meet it but we are all on our own journey. Our lives are almost mapped out for us by the world around us, by the generations before us and how they lived life, when to have kids, what car to drive, what is a ‘good’ job and what subjects you should study in school. Far deeper than that we also carry the expectation we can’t die, we won’t get cancer, we will be around for ages so no rush, we can do everything another day. Without knowing we expect the sun to shine, the wind to blow. Check your expectations aren’t too high, we walk before we run, things take time and work so ensure even if you are setting goals, planning ahead you can separate the clock time from the psychological and don’t fall into the trap of setting yourself up for the fall. Be present in this moment it’s the greatest place to be and through expectations we can easily forget simply being instead of always seeking the future. Expectation can blind us from all we are blessed with, all the small things that get taken for granted as we expect them to be there.

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The future

<p>The future</p>
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Today my mother brought me my toothbrush into my room because I, a 16 year-old, couldn't get to the bathroom (on my own). The pain from my JIA was so severe, that my legs felt like they burned and every step was one too much. I felt helpless. I cried while I looked to the bathroom, 3 metres away from me, but still unreachable.
My illness and disability always felt like a burden, like something to overcome, but today-... today felt like another level. I never felt THAT helpless, THAT dependent on others, and frankly, it was quite terrifying.
So I brushed my teeth over a bowl, my mother held for me and I felt ashamed. I felt so much shame, from being seen like that by my mother. Shame from needing her help with something as simple as brushing my teeth. I don't want her or anyone to think that I can't live my life on my own. I can and I will. Or at least that's what I thought, but today made me wonder if that's realistic. Today made me fall apart and left me with the question of what my future will look like.
#disabledteenager #helpless #future #ChronicPain #Pain #Shame #struggle #JuvenileIdiopathicArthritis #Arthritis #Family

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I think I have to stop taking my meds #SideEffects

I started taking a new anti depression/anxiety medication in February, prescribed by a psychiatrist. This is the fourth medication I've tried in the past seven years.

I feel like my anxiety has lessened and the depression is lightening. But...
- I have noticed unintentional weight loss to the point that I can only keep up one pair of trousers anymore. My clothes are all falling off of me.
- I seem to have restless leg syndrome to the extent that a client has commented on it.
- I have very vivid, realistic, and wild dreams every night that cause sleep disturbances.

I don't want this to be another medication failure. It makes me feel like a failure. I know I'm not, but I feel that way.

There's another side too where I'm struggling with the thought of saying anything about the weight loss because I prefer how my body looks and feels and I like the thought of getting even thinner.

If this medication doesn't work out, I don't know what the next step is. I don't know if I'm ready for another step. Starting new meds is so anxiety-inducing. I wanted this to be it. I wanted this to be the one that would work and would get me stable enough to get a better job and finish my masters degree.

It just feels like every increasingly tentative plan I have for the future slips out of my hands and I don't know what to even hope for anymore.

#Medication #SideEffects #MentalHealth #Depression #Anxiety #future #Hope

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Why should i still want to live in this world? :/ #

I am currently in the start-up phase of a business. My goal is to earn money. In the past, my goal was to create something that could help people and humanity. I don't want to get rich in a world where I know there is so much misery and no one can do anything about it. IT must work the WHOLE humanity to find solutions for a better life and a better earth!!!! But exactly that will never happen! there is no humanity felt, there are only countries, money, corporations, politics, and profit.

I have informed myself for days for several hours and thought up a lot of things that do not yet exist. These ideas also carefully examined and more and more I came across projects or generally ingenious ideas that could help the whole world and also help climate change. The sad thing about all this is that there is a lack of money and I also regularly watch documentaries on all kinds of topics. This has moved me so much inside that I have no hope now. That I can't help the world, what's the point of organizing a climate strike or living vegan. When money rules the world. We as ordinary people can improve on the products we buy etc. but we can not control whether the waste is poured into the sea. Or that the companies build their products in such a way that it is no longer about the long life of products, but about new purchases. This becomes clearer and clearer to me and it also shows me that the government unfortunately does nothing. And all those who want to do something, have visions, etc. very often lack the money to implement it and you are only asked by investors whether it makes a profit, how much and when.The future will look very bleak in my opinion. Unfortunately, I can not live as if everything is good, I can not just look at my house and think: oh well I'm fine I have money and everything! I no longer want to live in this WORLD.

I wish all who have read this all the best. I do not wish anyone this realization that I have made to the extent. It would only be sadness, hopelessness and rage associated with it.

#World #future

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Month since last post

<p>Month since last post</p>
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The pressure of deciding your future #Anxiety #Pressure #future

Our society pressures us to decide what we want to do with our life before we even finish school. We are expected to know what we want to study, what we want to do, who we want to be. But why? Why are we pressured, and expect to know all this when we’re still so young. Our brain isn’t fully developed at 18. Most kids go to university because their parents expect them to go. It’s looked down upon if we have a gap year, if we want to do something else. But realistically isn’t that better for us? Shouldn’t we get real life experience, work experience, and grow up, before we make huge life decisions? Going to university is expensive, many either can’t afford it, or have to figure out how to finance it. But they go with no plan, they go just for the fun of it, for the Greek life, for the parties. That’s not how it should be! Going to university should be for a reason, it should be because we want to, because we know exactly why we go and what we want to get out of it. We should break free from this pressure, and do that is right for us. We shouldn’t be ashamed of our decisions, but be proud to say ‘I’ll take some time off and figure out my life and who I am’. That should be more supported and praised. Do life the way you want, the way it feels right for you. And if you don’t go to university, but do something else that makes you happy and fulfilled, do it with pride. And if you figure out you want to start university when you’re older, there’s no shame in that. One is never too old to learn and grow. #growth #Life #Decisions

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Help me

Today am going to talk to my teacher..but i feel very scared and i dont know ..what shoul i say to my teacher ...from where i should start talking....please tell me what should i do?? # help#Depression #future #MentalHealth #SuicidalThoughts

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I’ve suffered with anxiety for over four years now, with periods of hospital admission and time in therapy and counselling. My partner has really struggled throughout my period of illness, while we never talk about my illness without one of us getting angry, tearful or emotional, an innocent question today broke my heart. A long term family friend (innocently asked) when do we plan on starting a family and my partner replied (quite bluntly) never. This has crushed me. I’ve always wanted children and it’s clear that because if my current illness I never will. I don’t really know what to say. It’s like my future hopes have been robbed from me before they have even been given a chance.

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I am in the final semester of my 4 year nursing degree, and man, it is hard to be successful when depression is hitting full force. I know I’ll be a good nurse, both at the skill/medical part and the nurse-patient relationship part. But that doesn’t stop my brain from trying to convince me that I’ll be garbage at it.

I wonder if I’ll ever live a day where I feel fully comfortable in my own skin AND comfortable with my mind. I wonder if that’s even possible. I really wonder if I’ll ever have a day where I genuinely want to live. I’ve started to accept that I may have suicidal thoughts for my entire life. But if that’s the case, I want to live a day where the thought can pop into my mind and I can tell it to screw off and that I’m happy.

I also wonder what other people experience with their depression. Do you hope for the same things as me? Do you feel like your depression tries to ruin your success?

How can we change this?! Is there a way?

#Depression #Nurse #nursingschool #Wonder #future #Happiness #change

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