This is kind of another part of my intro. I’m out to everyone, and thought I’d be open on here, too. I’m aro ace and agender. I don’t experience romantic and sexual attraction. My platonic (or queerplatonic, really) attraction is the strongest that I do feel. I would love to be in a qpr (queerplatonic relationship) in the future. A life partner to experience things together would be great. Gender doesn’t matter with this for me. Being agender means I don’t have a gender. I’m not a man or woman. There’s nothing there for me. I don’t even know what feeling feminine or masculine really is. I see them as styles. Almost like pretty and fun masks, but they’re not me. It’d be great if people refer to me neutrally. For instance, human, person, friend, guest, etc. My pronouns are she/her since it’s easier for others and I’m used to it, and they/them which is more accurate but still doesn’t feel ‘right’. Nothing truly feels right yet. I do have gender dysphoria, and a lot of gendered things get to me. My body feels like a patchwork doll sometimes. The positive part of that is a lot of the treatment for my cancer will help with my dysphoria. I plan to get a hysterectomy soon. Might be in the next month. I also want top surgery, and the way I need it will also help with taking care of the cancer. I do eventually want to get back to gender therapy. That way I can explore more of the social part of it, and feel more me. This pride month is quite different in many ways. I just hope it’s a good positive one for everyone. #PrideMonth #LGBTQIA #LGBTQ #aromantic #aro #Asexuality #Ace #qpr #Relationships #queer #agender #genderless #trans #Transgender #nonbinary #genderqueer #Health #Cancer