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#how can something so traumatizing that happened to you at a young age still be affecting your life so bad,maybe worse then ever?

#I was molested #At the ages from 12-15 and #of course when they are the #step parent, and theres a younger child and the mother of the children #Going to work #On shifts,that's when he become the demon,and when mom was home he would take chances and grab me and threaten to kill her and my sister who was like 5 yrs younger then me.So my sole job was to keep them safe.And my live has never been the same yes I have been married 3 times but never slept in the same bed over the whole night in my life.sad isnt## But if someone touches me or trys to wake me during night terrors ##look out## #help ##

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It’s the weekend before Christmas and I don’t know what to #Depression

What can I do besides end up in the emergency room room for 12 hours or end up as an inpatient in the psych ward?I’m in this is Christmas at my moms ones are the most to kill me not to mention the rest of my family and I don’t need another Christmas is psych ward . #At tye end of my rope #feel an inpending sense of doom
I don’t want to have this in the touristy but if I don’t get my meds I don’t know what is going to happen. I am OK for now and then I will be for another week or so but I need to get these meds and then I need some rice from people as to how to get them please help me #Desperate #Need some releif #I hope to hear fromSomeone sometime soon this may not seem like a big deal see you right now in the middle of my life is the biggest deal around God bless and good night

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