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    Another one #of Bushkin’s sister Think we will try to get the strength to cook some Salmon or Bar S hot dogs I am not getting any of my medication

    I would think that there might be a psych diagnosis for Covid disease fear and my PCP admitted that he has a fear of Covid virus as well and was very supportive.As my friend Tom would say “Another day closer to Spring 🌷🌺🌹🌼🌻

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    Old photo #of my uncle not very easy to see it but he had it with his log for his flight License number cannot see the number but he taught women #

    How to fly during WW 2 John has gotten very very close to his sister and she is very very good at manipulating him ,so I do not have time for both of them now because
    they seem to have lost their sense of decency 💪🦅🙏🎄🐈‍⬛🇺🇸
    When I think of him and of his sister, I think our friendship is gone and I do not need friends like that and time machine over to Stuart, he saw that side in John some years ago;-(

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    In loving memory #of Opal, Lorene’s wonderful Borzoi ❤️❤️

    I am very very happy that she is back with her BF and family and through her cancer surgery 💟🍀🙏🙏💟

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    Old picture #of that winter storms

    Am trying to get help with getting any food inside and please pray that the storms stay away

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    Does anyone know #how to set up an Amazon account

    I have never bought anything from them but the Commonwealth #of MA says that a person can set up an account to buy items ❓❓I have Apple and an Android tablet and phone:-(( if someone who is not a computer savvy person can help me get set an account, I was told that a person can buy items but I do not have a clue about how to do it 🙏🙏♥️♥️❓❓They sell I have heard many things and they will deliver to my address ♥️♥️👍👍I have a few friends who know how to do this 👍👍♥️♥️🙏🙏Maybe I should call my friends who know how and they could explain it to me unless you all know an easy way to explain it to me online ❓I do not know anything more but they sell tick repellent that I am not allergic to ❓❓♥️♥️That is a Chill photo and it is in the 90’s here :-(( Thank you and I do not know if you have to go there to purchase items or how it works and if it is a safe way to shop❓❓❓Thank you and apologize for using the brand name❓


    Gone from 10000 to 0

    gone from 10000% to 0% tonight for my Borderline personality disorder! People don't realise how much of a struggle being on frontline is, I just to sit and cry 😢 and give it all up! I can barely sleep or cope anymore!!
    #Thoughts #of #sucicide
    Can't face a another 52 hours at work from tomrrow night when I feel run dowdown myself and having cconstant horrible thoughts. 😭😭😭 the struggle is real and I can't cope...
    Front line workers have gone up for taking there own life and I really don't want to be the next onone.


    I feel it would be better I wasn't alive

    My family seems to wish I was not in there lives I would make life https://easier.I m tired like feeling like a burden to everyone becau #of my depression


    #how can something so traumatizing that happened to you at a young age still be affecting your life so bad,maybe worse then ever?

    #I was molested #At the ages from 12-15 and #of course when they are the #step parent, and theres a younger child and the mother of the children #Going to work #On shifts,that's when he become the demon,and when mom was home he would take chances and grab me and threaten to kill her and my sister who was like 5 yrs younger then me.So my sole job was to keep them safe.And my live has never been the same yes I have been married 3 times but never slept in the same bed over the whole night in my life.sad isnt## But if someone touches me or trys to wake me during night terrors ##look out## #help ##

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