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Being Beautiful #BipolarDisorder #MentalHealth

Beautiful is a word used to describe something of outstanding aesthetic prowess. Nothing is primarily beautiful. Beautiful is something that occurs secondary to the primary function that something does.

When you look up at the sky at night and you see the stars, you say that they look beautiful. But beautiful doesn’t define a star. The stars are simply existing and it is from this existence that the beauty they have is seen. You see the secret of being beautiful is just simply to exist. Existing in your own unique way will be a beautiful phenomenon to someone.

That’s what it is to be beautiful. It is about being yourself.

Beautiful may not define you but it is certainly a word that can be used to describe you.
#MightyTogether #beautiful

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Went for a hike :D Steelhead Falls

I’ve only been only 2 hikes my entire life but I live close to many hikes especially now, I went with a mental health clubhouse program group really thankful it was beautiful! #hike #Health #Support #happy #excited #Walk #enjoyed #overjoyed #thankful #Anxiety #helped #soothe #Relaxed #beautiful #MightyTogether #newhere #New

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Little gratitude post

Really off topic maybe but just wanted to take a minute to appreciate how beautiful the kiwi 🥝 fruit is I just admire their beautiful refreshing pattern and just amazing how nature or food can be so beautiful if we only notice the little things in life sometimes #grateful #pretty #beautiful #Food



I'd like to share something with you that helped me last night when I was struggling.
Do you feel broken? I know I do. What's been done to me, what I feel, the way my brain has changed in its workings, it all makes me feel very broken. And I want the girl I was before this back. I want her back more than anything. And some days I just weep, I mourn for the girl I was before this, because she was so bright, so hopeful, so beautiful naive of the pain in this world.
But then I remembered the Japanese art of Kintsugi. They take broken pottery, the pieces that me and you would throw out, and they add gold to it to make it whole again. And I sat with it for a while, because no one could say that it was ugly even though you could still see traces of where it had been broken. And I thought, what if we had that opinion of ourselves? What if I, with a mix of self care, therapy, maybe some medication, and a lot of self love and support, was able to put myself back together with all that gold? I'd still be able to see the broken, but it would be beautiful.

I hope this little thought helps all you warriors on your road to recovery, we'll get there one day! #Anxiety #CPTSD #PTSD #MentalHealth #beautiful #keepfighting

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This is soo me .... #Selfcare #Anxiety #Depression #selfconscious #mental health #SkinCancer #COVID19

Over the past months all the things that having covid had effected for me both physically and mentally I still deal with everyday .Due to now having long covid this battle is constant.
On top of the blood clots, the breathing issues ,my pain ,my constant sickness every day which has lead to 3 stone weight loss which now had made my body so weak and I am in constant pain .I now have major severe hair loss. To the point it just comes out in clumps ! I have never felt so insecure and self conscious in my life I see someone looking at me and instantly get that hot flush ,sick feeling and feel my hands starting to sweat and shake ......I don't even want to leave the house now anymore.I am soo exhausted and scunnered and I am drained of dealing with this everyday .I am finding it so difficult to find my positives which is how I know I'm struggling so bad.....

#Selfcare #Anxiety #Depression #selfconscious #mental health #SkinCancer #COVID19 #Insomnia #Bekind #beautiful #youmatter #CheckInWithMe
#loveyourself #HairLoss

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Although neither do I sometimes ...... #generalparenting #covid19 #anxiety #depression #checkinwithme #selfcare #skincancer #mentalhealth

This quote really hit home !this is something I've found myself saying many times.Although alot of the times really not knowing how I manage to do it either.....
There's days I get frustrated and think why me ?
I get sad and think I can't take anymore ?
I get angry and think what will it be next ?

Then I realise at that moment I've been through worse and I am still here, still getting back up ,still learning & most of all still telling myself that I am a fighter through all of the issues.

Please don't forget we are all strong and brave and important in our own ways ♡

#generalparenting #covid19 #anxiety #depression #checkinwithme #selfcare #skincancer #mentalhealth #youmatter #loveyourself #StayStrong #beautiful