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    My ex thinks I don't deserve child support bc I get disability. I cannot afford an attorney and my son wants to live with me.

    #Disability #Court #Attorney I can't afford an attorney. The last time I want to court I was a mess. Unrepresented and alone. I have no family here and at the time had been firmly isolated by him. I know he wanted me to run from the state and leave my son. I didn't. I fought and paved a way to stay here. Despite being left with nothing after 10 years of marriage. I kid you not. The judge and my attorney gave me nothing. I just need to document this happens. It happened to me. Now I go back. Alone. For my son. I know I can. Yet why do the least powerful always have to fight the bullies?

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    Where to start?

    For the parents of young adults with special needs; how do you navigate the topics of “power of attorney” or “guardianship”? Where did you start? #Guardianship #PowerOfAttorney #Attorney #Parents #CerebralPalsy #Epilepsy


    My #Exhusband is coming after my #Children he left 3 yrs ago

    I was just served #Court documents from his #Attorney that he is NOW coming after MY (our) #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds that he #Abandoned when he left me for a married pregnant woman, a completely other #Family with NO warning, after 14 years of #Marriage . Our #Divorce was final Summer of 2016. He signed away all rights. He isn’t ill in anyway. He wanted his precious freedom away from #Seizures #AspergersSyndrome #BipolarDisorder #Anxiety and #Depression . HE DID NOT CARE. UNTIL NOW THAT HE HAS A DIFFERENT, BARRON 50 yo WIFE THAT WANTS MY CHILDREN. Lord, give me strength to #fight this and the #money needed! He wants to take away our care! I’ve never felt so ashamed of giving them him as a father as I have at this moment. #Probono #Attorney #Florida