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Graduation Time #Neurodiversity #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #Diversity

This is graduation time . One more post on this. There are kids who get into great institutions for furthering their education . They need to be celebrated for all their hard work and are rightfully done so!!

There are also kids who will be sacrificing furthering education to be able to help their family or themselves. There are kids who will be working on other life skills that furthering education goes to back burner . There are kids who will be healing and getting better to be able to further education some day. There are kids who will be fighting for their rights . There will be kids trying to break free from ‘non speaking’ prison to communicate and then go to schools that understands their intelligence. Kids may choose to go to a job , go do other great things or not do much!

I hope we all celebrate our kids for being amazing and for anything and everything they chose to do after highschool until it is kind towards themselves and others!


Need answer I have a nine years son who has a g-tube since he was one. I never had a problem with it and now it start to bleed and I don’t know why .



Somewhere in Between

I started something I hope will grow into amazing. Visit!!! This is a project I am passionate about and I want to grow into something wonderful!!! Parents of special needs and medically complex kids are stuck. They're stuck between lawmakers and insurance companies and medical providers;they're stuck between work/life balance. Somewhere In Between is my blog where I share my journey with these in between spaces and I hope to grow a community that is empowered to make change in the world, even if it's small #MedicallyComplexChild #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #InclusionAndSpecialNeeds


Gastroparesis what is that 🤔

August is Gastroparesis awareness month. 💚
I met Gastroparesis at the end of 2013. I had a new baby girl who just recently had a life saving surgery and I was trying to hold my head up from all that when... BOOM! My first baby girl A 2.5yrs starts throwing up after everything she eats hours after! She'd nap and on her pillow she vomit during sleep. If she didn't vomit it all the way up she'd chew it and swallow it down. I was terrified. I knew something was wrong. My mommy instincts told me and I had good instincts considering my baby had just been through some life changing medical stuff.

She was so little and brave getting her Gastric Emptying Study scan done as we needed to see how fast her stomach was emptying. Within a day or so of her scan we got the results. A had Gastroparesis her stomach was paralyzed. We needed to come in to talk about how to help her. She had to be on daily antibiotics 4x a day to see if it would help her symptoms. Because there is no cure.

I was numb. She was just a baby! I was mad. Why was this happening?!? I already had my 5 month old placed under multiple doctors, surgery and hospital care. Now, A has to have a specialist. I can remember being so scared that she would end up having a feeding tube like baby sister. So far, she hasn't.

In K we dealt with a completely different problem. School. They made her stay in the classroom to vomit in the trashcan when she needed to. In front of her classmates! She even use to just hold it in her mouth and wait till her teacher noticed. 😔 Once I found that out I was not a happy momma bear. She had already been through so much in her little 5 years of life and then to have her vomit in front of kids. I couldn't believe it.

Over the years she's adapted and knows when she will throw up or she'll just swallow it down. It use to bother me so much but it isn't her fault. She can't help it. We've tried oh how we've tried different things to distract after eating. But 1-2 hrs something always comes up a tiny bit.

She's 9 now and it's been a long road full of ups and downs. We see a motility specialist at the children's hospital 5 hours aways every 6 months. Daily medications, tummy aches, bloated tummy's, nausea and other issues. She's such a fighter. She doesn't complain. I don't know how she does it when I look at her I know she's in pain I can see it. It's hard watching your tiny daughter have a bloated belly that she can't hide. Watching her eat a few bites because she's full even though she's hungry. She's my hero my strength.

Gastroparesis awareness is just a month to most but to her and my family it's been our life since she was 2.5. It's lifelong.
#Gastroparesis #SpecialNeedsMoms #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds

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The Blanket Tent...

For my grandson. If I could get back up off of the floor, you can sure bet I'd be down there with him.
Who else does blanket forts?

#DistractMe #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Autism #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds


Not sure how Much longer I can copE

I have a 10 year old ADHD, AUTISTIC son who has various issues. We live on the 7th floor of a high rise flat. No garden. No safe outdoor space. We cant trust him on his own.

His behaviour is out of control due to covid19 lockdown. We can't even open the windows on a bad day, just incase.

Bad days are everyday right now. I'm fed up of getting punched, kicked, lied to and manipulated. Shoved and screamed at. I'm ashamed I have to restrain my 10 year old like a 20 year old getting arrested. I shouldn't have to prevent My 10 year old from self harming.

I have Borderline personality disorder and various other issues. I'm barely hanging on right now.

We need a house!
We need a garden!
We need a home!
He needs a safe place to play outside.
He needs a safe way to vent his anger and frustrations.

Holes in sofas, broken furniture, cant have nothing nice.

Council wont help us.
We haven't got any money.
Family cant help us.
No friends.
All I want to do is give up.
But I cant.

When are we going to get the help we need....... Not for a long time now Covid19 is here.

#help #COVID19 #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #ADHD #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #Drowning


need advice/support

My 9 year old stepson hears voices, mental health team in our area are diabolical. is there anything I can do to help him? #Psychosis #MentalHealth #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds


Meet the Huang’s

This is a YouTube video about the Huang family. Their son lives with Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia and has an unknown life expectancy and unknown brain and physical development. This episode looks at how the church has helped support them and their faith.

#Disability #PontocerebellarHypoplasia #Children <#ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #ParentsOfChildrenWithSpecialNeeds


To the Person Who Tried to Ruin Me

To the person who tried to ruin me-
You did not and will not succeed.
You have ruined yourself and
Watered your life into a mere weed.
I may look and feel tired and fear,
But don’t worry, it is you that will shed a tear.
I will rise up and become better than I was before,
All while you lie and call me a whore.
Those that know me know this is not true,
All along the person you say I am, is you.
I may never be the same,
But I will have you to thank and to blame.
Soon I will be able to close this chapter in my book,
And never again turn around to even give you one look.
You are not worthy of the love we have to give,
But our children are my reason to live.
I feel sorry for you but not like you think,
I would pass you by in my path without even a wink.
You have done damage to the three of us that remains to be seen,
Therefore my words are ready to be heard and come clean.




I’m in so much pain this morning, and my daughter won’t stop repeating herself about wanting to go out and she forgets and wants to go out. And all ‘I thought I had a good idea, but obviously it’s not’ over and over and over.... till I want to scream or bury my head.

She’s off mood meds at the moment and this week has been so difficult, I even had a mini breakdown and had to spend about two days in bed. She is hitting her head, punching her fist on doors and throwing things. The only meds that help really give her lactation and make her boobs really big... and she hates wearing bras or anything with seems. So I’m totally stuck and then after repeating no matter how patient my answers or how I explain, she says I don’t love her anymore or that we don’t care about her.

My heart and head/brain AND body hurts. #MentalHealth #ChildrenWithSpecialNeeds #Fibromyalgia #DegenerativeDiscDisease #Anxiety #Depression