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    Abandonment & BPD

    Every situation in life can almost fall under been abandoned when you have bpd, depending on how extreme your bpd is if like me I have Quiet BPD, then everything in life affects you. You can meet someone on a new job you just got and in 2 weeks if they decide to quit, you will feel the emotional disconnect. Has the same feeling as you are being abandoned by your parents as a child. But without the intensity because you are not in a relationship with them. You basically just met them one time or more within that 2-week time frame #Abandoned #BPD #quietbpd



    I am about to be abandoned. It is something that is going to happen to all of the inner circle to teach us a lesson. before coming back…

    He knows about my abandonment issues. He already emotionally distanced himself. Physical is next where he will be gone for at least a month where he won’t talk to us. So we can see what it is truly like without him, since we all took him for granted.

    I am already on the verge of panic. I will be so very alone. Everything is my fault. This is what happens when I trust people and open up. I cannot breathe.

    At least I got a warning by someone else, otherwise it would have been soooo much worse…..and it is going to be bad enough.

    He knows this is my worst fear, him leaving.

    #Abandoned #fears #alone #panic #PanicAttacks #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #FavoritePerson #Crying


    Disabled or apathetic? MS, PTSD, chronic pain, depression,… really? How do I live this way?

    I wake up every day hoping the #fog will clear but it rarely ever does. It’s like being #underground and seeing the #light and #goals way above but they’re hardly visible. I feel like I’m trying to figure out how to navigate and get up there, over one the #Pain and #Fatigue , and just see the light. Each day seems harder and I am continually being beaten down by societies demands just to stay alive, live, eat, breathe, function and get any type of care. My family has #Abandoned me because, as my sister said. “She just can’t.” My children have not abandoned me but they have their lives and because it’s so hard to travel, or get through each day, seeing them is rare. The bank is trying to take my house, just because they want it and not because I don’t, or can’t pay. I feel numb inside and scared. What happens if…? Do I become another statistic and #Homeless , alone and #suffering and no one cares? I’m not sure that’s depression or reality and reality sucks enough to make you feel depressed. I don’t want anymore “treatment” from anyone and I can’t afford it anyway . I want this to end. I’m PV

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    Guide to being a SURVIVOR!

    #ChildhoodAbuse #abandonment #Rape #terror #Depression ….

    When I was a small child, my father #Abandoned me without a goodbye. Mother had #Manic depression, and we were left poverty stricken. My clothes were holey, #filthy and #Hunger was a constant.
    I lived in #terror being 6 yrs old, alone and subjected to constant #Abuse by strangers in my house.
    I knew I had 2 choices #fight or #Die if I was going to win the ring of #Horror that had become my life. I chose to fight, to do what I needed to do, just to buy a pair of shoes. I had none. To cut a long story short, I want whoever is reading this to know that no matter how horrible, #Terrifying your life is right now? Take back your #courage , and #fight for what you want.
    I’ve done more than #survive severe #Childhood trauma, I’m a #MentalIllness survivor too. I’ve excelled on my own, through my determination to get out of the hell hole I was in: like: meeting and hugging Nelson Mandela. Raising money for victims of crime, importing and exporting art and furniture, travelling to most of the countries in the world, making friends and connections on my own. owning my many businesses, and selling them for profit. Studying and being qualified in the science of the addicted, mentally Ill brain. Qualifying as a mental illness and addiction counsellor, raising 3 kids who’re well balanced and happy .
    I’m now a YouTube influencer, my channel focuses on mental illnesses. Now, I’m teaming with MIND uk, to raise money for the mentally ill people who can’t work.

    You are a survivor, you’re a magical, strong, brave, fabulous person.
    Go for whatever you want, because you can. You can, no matter what ‘they’ did or said.
    Do it! Your life is yours. Please take it back.
    I’m with you.


    Abandonment #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Abandoned

    I am really struggling at the moment with whether my feelings are valid or not.

    I travelled overseas to meet three of my best friends for a lovely adventure holiday. Before leaving, I had developed an infection that was painful, but being treated by my doctors. Mostly I wanted to continue the holiday to see these people - anyone else and I probably would have abandoned the trip.

    On arriving, my friends felt I needed to go to hospital to have the infection looked at. So I did, and was admitted for three days, undergoing surgery to remove the infection in that time.

    Here’s the thing - though my friends took me to the emergency room, they had a tour booked and began that tour at 8am the next day. They didn’t even stay for me to get admitted properly and moved to a ward.

    Here’s the second thing - before I came over to meet them, one of the friends told me that I shouldn’t be worried about being left alone sick in a foreign country, as they wouldn’t let that happen. As it happens, I was left alone sick in a foreign country.

    These are three of my best friends but I feel completely abandoned and let down by them, and I am particularly directing these feelings at the one that told me I wouldn’t be left alone.

    I know they had their own holiday booked that cost money; I also know that that first day was two hours away and that the activities planned could be repeated the following day.

    So, am I right to feel abandoned? Or am I just reacting? How do I handle this when I see them tomorrow?


    I was #Abandoned in childhood and ever since then I have abandoned all hope

    If your father didn't want you and your mother checked out with Valium and Xanax how does a child learn their value?

    Well I learned I have no value.

    I learned the only valid method of expressing myself was anger.

    I was a sad little 7 year old boy who needed his mom and dad to help learn about the world. Instead:

    I learned that other people will make fun of me

    I learned that I was ugly and fat

    I learned that I do not belong

    I learned that people will use you for a nickel

    I learned that I am dumb

    I learned that the people who should support you won't

    I learned I will always be alone

    And 47 years later

    People still make fun of me

    I am obese and still ugly

    I do not belong

    People have used me for a nickel

    I feel stupid

    I am unsupported

    And I am alone.

    I am waiting to die.

    I wish my life was over.

    Depression sucks life from me

    Anxiety makes me scared and fear even asking for help

    I was in a full depressed state from ages 7 to 10.

    I don't think I ever left depression at age 10. I just realized nothing matters. I don't matter. And I have been going through life knowing that happiness, joy and a life of friends is not something I will ever get to experience.

    I know I am supposed to try and re-frame negative thoughts into positive thinking.

    It is near impossible to see one positive thing about being alive right now.


    Greatest fear became reality

    My heart dropped, right into the pit of my weak stomach. The blood in my body felt like it drained right out of my veins. And then, the nausea and shaking. When bad news becomes so devastating you throw up, you cannot breathe.

    My birthday celebrations had been in full swing: my partner and small family, after a year of loss, homelessness and rejection from others/employers whilst dealing with bullying I just wanted a nice day. Just and hour before the clock turned 12 and I’d be another year older; My now ex partner would announce he slept with someone else, I knew something was up by his body language that evening. My intuition told me something is wrong, but I didn’t realise it would be this. Following this devastating news I find out he’d also talk to other girls on dating apps moments after we were close and intimate.

    I wanted to stay ignorant, I wish I never knew so I didn’t have to deal with the pain.
    This time, he isn’t coming back. He was the last person in my life that hadn’t left; my trauma prior to this has been so immense that not many people have bothered sticking around. I’ve finally found I’m now alone in this world. But the biggest realisation for me is that you can think you know someone, inside out. He would constantly reassure me that I’m the only girl for him, I’m gorgeous in every way for him. He only has eyes for me. But how wrong I was, now realising that it was a front, my rock and my love has completely betrayed me. Disrespected me, and now I’m left to pick up the pieces. I am not to say he was entirely bad, this is why it’s so hard. I was in love, to the ends of the earths with him; a month before he would make a proposal style gesture for a promise ring with a heart inside to say he will never leave and I have his heart. But unfortunately I didn’t quite have the rest of his anatomy.

    I know many people will share my feelings in their own stories of infidelity and cheating. As a BPD sufferer, I’d always worry he would leave me, or find someone better than me, the thought of him leaving my life was horrific and painful.
    It’s such a crushing feeling of total violation and a loss of trust. I question myself, was it me? Was I not good enough? Was she what he wanted? I wish it never happened, sometimes I wished I stayed ignorant. But that is my denial still at play. I don’t know how I can move onto trust another, when you were once so convinced they were the most loyal and faithful person you’ve met. I still feel sick, I cannot eat, I cannot sleep without crying. Heartbreak is killing my soul inside. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #cheating #Affair #abandonment #Abandoned #Depression #lonely #Fp #Grief #Loss


    What is a mindful skill practice you have learned from therapy that has made the biggest impact on improving your mental state? #CPTSD #Depression

    Today was my second day of therapy for my complex PTSD. En route I was in tears, then left in smiles. As a neglected/abandoned child it is hard thinking logical since most of my irrational thoughts are formulated from biased fears.

    One trait I need to work on is regulating my emotions. I will fixate, dwell, then spiral.

    Today, I imagined a box with a lock that could hold all my problems and triggers. Then I imagined a trigger/hurt discussed in the session going into the box. I closed my eyes and just felt the emotions and thoughts going into my box. Then I locked it.

    At home, when I am triggered, or sad, I am supposed to practice this. I honestly loved it.

    This skill set will save me from focusing and dwelling on pain or a trigger. Instead I calmly place my feelings in the box locked and then unlock it in therapy and discuss my emotions in a proper healing way.

    I am very happy to have found this tool! As somebody who can spiral from strong emotions, this tool will help regulate and prevent emotional outbursts.

    I am excited for my journey on strengthing my emotional health!

    I would love to know what has helped for others.

    Sending positivity and love to all. #ChildhoodEmotionalAbuse #Childhoodneglect #Abandoned #CPTSD #PTSD #traumasurvivor #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Anxiety #Depression

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    Disappearing Acts and…When They Come Back…

    Sooo I’m struggling with two thoughts and one reality…1. Do I completely ignore those who try to come back into my life after leaving me due to my depression, anxiety, and the fact that I’m ME?…OR…2. Do I slowly let them back in despite the pain they caused me because after all, people change, and who am I to judge…REALITY- They will come back, and either way I’m not ready…
    I’d welcome all thoughts and think bubbles PLEASE 💭🤔🧐🤨💬 #Abandoned #return #back

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    Feeling lost, Heart Broke, Alone,…etc. 🥲🥲

    What else do I have to do! Do I need to Scream it from the Mountain Top, Tatoo it to my forehead, Write it in Bold black letters, Engrave it in Stone! 😭😭 When the H** is he going to get the Clue, the Message that’s staring him right in the face!! When is my husband going to Stop being So D** Blind!! I’m DONE wasting my breath!! What part of I NEED MORE LOVE & AFFECTION in my Marriage DOESNT HE GET!!!! If he wants me to Stop thinking & feeling that he’s emotionally involved with someone else, or that he’s lost love & attraction for me, or feeling that he’s doing something he knows he’s not supposed to be doing on his phone, or that he’s talking to someone else,…..then D*** IT, START SHOWING ME THAT YOU LOVE ME & BE MORE AFFECTIONATE TOWARDS ME & STOP LEADING ME TO BELIEVE THESE THINGS ARE HAPPENING & I WOULDNT THINK OR FEEL THIS!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!! I DONT ASK FOR MUCH!!!!! I have NEVER felt SO ALONE in my life!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 I’m SO sick & tired of Breaking inside! Every inside part part of me feels So Shattered into a Million Pieces😭😭😭😭😭 it’s Already enough that I have NO friends 😭😭😭😭😭 Now I’m losing my husband!! If it weren’t for my girls, I Seriously would have left this world a Long time ago! But they are the ONLY reason im STILL Alive!I’m So SICK & TIRED OF FEELING ALONE, USED, REJECTED, ABANDONED 😭😭😭😭😭 WTH DID I DO TO DESERVE THIS😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 #fedup #depressed #alone #rejected #Abandoned #lost #Shattered #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #PTSD #lovehurts #BarelyHangingOn #MarriageSucks