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#baddoctor Experience

I went to a new specialist with hopes to find better management for my symptoms. I mentioned complications I've been dealing with lately along with an allergy to a medication. He told me he's never heard of this problem before so it isn't "a thing" & that my allergy didn't exist. When I assured him it did, he asked about the status of my mental health to suggest that was the issue. I was told by my childhood allergist I was allergic to this medication & why. So I'm guessing this doctor was uncomfortable with not knowing something & attempted to gaslight me. I know he's wrong, but I still feel crazy. I'm tired of wasting time, effort, & money on useless doctors. #baddoctors #Gaslighting #ChronicIllness #sad #MentalHealth

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AZ healthcare sucks #HealthCare #Respect

I am speaking for myself. As someone with #ChronicPain , #ChronicIllness , and #InvisibleIllness , I really have a hatred for medical professionals who are condescending, and negligent to their obligation as a Doctor.

Maybe it’s just me but, through my medical journey I have met some seriously disrespectful, apathetic, and over all shitty Doctors. One of the few courtesies I appreacite above all else is being treated like a person. Being treated like a I am of lower intelligence, treated like I know nothing of my own diagnoses, and treated like an addict is so damn infuriating. I don’t understand why Doctors can be so callous to those who genuinely need the help.

There is no such thing as comprehensive or responsible medical care anymore. It’s just merely as business and when you question someone’s methods they get upset. It’s disgusting how many Doctors in America carry around this God Complex. When I need help ASAP I still question how I’ll be treated. Arizona has been the worst state I have ever dealt with when it comes to medical care. Just because a practitioner learned about doesn’t mean that they know all about it. I just wish people would respect those who suffer daily. You don’t have to fully grasp what we go through to respect what we go through. It’s called empathy which to me, it seems not many doctors, friends, or even family members are capable of having.

God forbid you ever question what a Doctor says. People need to realize that Doctors are not all knowing. It’s okay to get a 2nd, 3rd opinion. It is okay to do your own research before taking new meds. I get really angry being so belittled and disrespected by a provider. No one will advocate for you like you will. No one knows you, your body, or your tolerance more than you.

I refuse to just blindly agree with whatever a Doctor says. They’re not always right. There are times when I need help gettin my pain under control. I hates going to the ER to be treated like a drug addict. My GI and pain management Doctors have even told me to seek care at the ER if my coping skills don’t work to keep my chronic pain in check. I was so disrespected by an ER Doctor this evening. I left in even more pain, and was furious at how I was treated. I am going to call the hospital and the Supervisor tomorrow to file a report against the Doctor that did not provide adequate care. He refuses to even call my specialty on call services for my GI and pain management. I refuse to allow to be treated as inferior or less than. #baddoctors #rude #iamahuman #Respectme #Empathy
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has anyone won an appeal against the standard ins for LTD?

I was on LTD for 2 years until Dr Koenig in CA (I'm in NY) told The Standard I'm healed and can work without restriction. I've never met this man and my pm and neurologist both say I'm too impaired to go back to work. #ChiariMalformation #LTD #baddoctors #cervicalneuralgia #fightback #unethicaldoctors

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