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AZ healthcare sucks #HealthCare #Respect

I am speaking for myself. As someone with #ChronicPain , #ChronicIllness , and #InvisibleIllness , I really have a hatred for medical professionals who are condescending, and negligent to their obligation as a Doctor.

Maybe it’s just me but, through my medical journey I have met some seriously disrespectful, apathetic, and over all shitty Doctors. One of the few courtesies I appreacite above all else is being treated like a person. Being treated like a I am of lower intelligence, treated like I know nothing of my own diagnoses, and treated like an addict is so damn infuriating. I don’t understand why Doctors can be so callous to those who genuinely need the help.

There is no such thing as comprehensive or responsible medical care anymore. It’s just merely as business and when you question someone’s methods they get upset. It’s disgusting how many Doctors in America carry around this God Complex. When I need help ASAP I still question how I’ll be treated. Arizona has been the worst state I have ever dealt with when it comes to medical care. Just because a practitioner learned about doesn’t mean that they know all about it. I just wish people would respect those who suffer daily. You don’t have to fully grasp what we go through to respect what we go through. It’s called empathy which to me, it seems not many doctors, friends, or even family members are capable of having.

God forbid you ever question what a Doctor says. People need to realize that Doctors are not all knowing. It’s okay to get a 2nd, 3rd opinion. It is okay to do your own research before taking new meds. I get really angry being so belittled and disrespected by a provider. No one will advocate for you like you will. No one knows you, your body, or your tolerance more than you.

I refuse to just blindly agree with whatever a Doctor says. They’re not always right. There are times when I need help gettin my pain under control. I hates going to the ER to be treated like a drug addict. My GI and pain management Doctors have even told me to seek care at the ER if my coping skills don’t work to keep my chronic pain in check. I was so disrespected by an ER Doctor this evening. I left in even more pain, and was furious at how I was treated. I am going to call the hospital and the Supervisor tomorrow to file a report against the Doctor that did not provide adequate care. He refuses to even call my specialty on call services for my GI and pain management. I refuse to allow to be treated as inferior or less than. #baddoctors #rude #iamahuman #Respectme #Empathy
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When I say "no" it doesn't mean convince me. #FamilyAndFriends

Rant time. Today I have been resting more than usually do to me having conjunctivitis. My sister asked me if I wanted to go to the farm to keep her and my boyfriend (who offered his help) company while they treat an injured horse. I said no, she then disagreed with me and continued to try to persuade me into going. I reminded her that I have conjunctivitis and need to me resting so that it heals as quickly as possible. She accused me of being dramatic. Man, did that touch a nerve. I told her I didn't have the spoons and asked my boyfriend to explain what that meant to her while i went upstairs to cool off. He came up and checked on me to make sure I was okay and apologized for his inaction. I'm very thankful for him and his understanding but wish my family could get on the same page as him.
Alright rant over! To anyone else struggling with family or friends, stand your ground. You know yourself better than they do.
#Fibromyalgia #ChronicFatigue #ButYouDontLookSick #boundriesareimportant #Respectme

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I can no longer tell ppl i have any type of mental illness. When i do and I’m having what (they)consider a good day/ mania esp. The first words out of their mouth’s are “well you look fine to me”and “you were just happy the other day” or I think you just want attention “. Now whats wrong with you?” “Well everyone has problems your not the only one” “You just have to fight harder” And just pray about it. So i have too downplay like nothing’s wrong with me just so i don’t lash out and get called crazy. Which makes it 10 times worse. Lately i stopped going to Hall Not because I don’t love god but because I’m in a mood where I want to be by myself. I don’t speak to my parents as much because There’s no connection. And I’m tired of trying to make it happen. They just think i have anger issues. typical. I don’t want to go out if not most of the time. Some days I don’t want to be around people. I feel like I’m getting overwhelmed or too much stimulation I don’t know. My stomach always hurts and my head never stops hurting. I have mental issues please stop trying to demean nor belittle me....
#CheckingIn #SocialAnxiety #Respectme


#Respectme I have a right to my feelings and fears

It was the first day of class, and the professor asked the room for their name, which library they worked at and their goals after library school.
When it was my turn, I stated my name and my goal which is to work with children and when I get over my fears and negative feelings towards teens I’ll work with them. The whole class laughed at me. Which meant that my fears and feelings didn’t matter. There were a majority who talked about how they loved to work with teens and tweens. They didn’t mention children, which means they too have negative connotations but are hidden. Or maybe they just prefer teens because they are an “easy” group. I was incensed. I wanted to ask them if they ever had a teen through a tall trash can at them? Had a book thrown at them or have been called a bitch? Would you be laughing now? Being that the majority was white females who worked in suburban libraries where their clientele are white, bright and everything’s alright teens who got mommy and daddy’s money and time. Their laughter chipped away at me. I felt even more inadequate as a library worker. It seems like I’m supposed to “get it” and library work especially working with teens are a no brainer. However, we forget that teens were children first. If you want teen readers and visitors, children librarians are the first people that help parents and educators introduce the love of reading. If you don’t see a teen visitor, it’s because children librarians tried but failed, despite the obstacles of teens needing work, or they are needed at home. I am in school to help children with reading, programming and providing a space. Yes I have negative feelings towards teens and I have been through experiences inside and outside of the library setting that have solidified these fears. I’m in school to learn why I should put my feelings aside and help young people reach their full potential. You are doing a disservice by treating my fears and feelings as a joke, especially when our profession promotes diversity and begs all to do the same. We got a lot to do with this. The young woman of color who got yelled at by a white male at an professional library event is proof.

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