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just for today #Depression #PTSD

just for today #fightback I dont know what cause your pain but I know the pain you feel. and no matter what is said to or what you think. you are loved and you are needed. you make this world better

I have been in that darkness racked in pain. but just today for this second I am fighting back, and when the next second comes I will worry about that. cause one second adds up to mintues, hours, days, month and so forth. you can stumble you can fall but you can also get back up! you matter and we need you


has anyone won an appeal against the standard ins for LTD?

I was on LTD for 2 years until Dr Koenig in CA (I'm in NY) told The Standard I'm healed and can work without restriction. I've never met this man and my pm and neurologist both say I'm too impaired to go back to work. #ChiariMalformation #LTD #baddoctors #cervicalneuralgia #fightback #unethicaldoctors

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#Medication #Shaming #Depression #MentalHealth

I have taken depression meds since I was 14. And it was sold as an instant cure. As we know that isnt true. I am now 42 and had years and years of therapy and medicine. The first thing I was told by the doctors is that we need to find the right "cocktail".
People look at you like you are a drug addict or crazy. When I had to refill my vyvanse every time I was treated suspiciously. My husband is in Airforce and we have had to move a lot. So I started bring my medical records and medication history and still some made me take a drug test. But I did anyway and I passed, cause i am dedicated to getting better. And it is the same with my #Anxiety pills.
Some companies actually give mental health days. While most companies will shame employees that need to take off to see their doctor or #Therapist
I have tried to explain many while medications are important but it isn't a sure that the #Therapy is just important.

so for everyone fighting for their own mental health, dont be shamed by people who dont understand anything about you or your illness. #fightback cause you are worth it.


#fightback #iamawarrior

today is a new day. I know what is in the darkness. I know what is waiting there. but today I am fighting back. taking my power back. even if it is one second of everyday, I will fight back and shine as best I can! #Depression #PTSD will not win today. not today. and tomorrow it will be a completely different battle. and I might not win every battle, but I will win ththis war!


fighting back

puttting back on the armour,
polishing the sword I put down,
putting on the war paint,
going back to the battle ground,

looking the enemy in the eye and not showing fear.

no army to back me,
I’m outnumbered 1000 to one.

I plant my feet in the ground and hold my head up to look at the sky.

I am ready, I know what I’m fighting for and I know the enemy is strong but I know I am stronger. I know I can win no matter the odds.

I hope they are afraid, they would be stupid to underestimate me at this point.

#fightback #CheerMeOn

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When I'm feeling powerless, I watch The Hunger Games Quadrilogy. #fightback
When I need coziness & comfort, I watch Harry Potter movies #Believe #lovewins
When I need to laugh, I watch Uncle Buck, The 'Burbs, The Birdcage and Super Troopers etc. #buckmelanoma
When I need to cry, I watch The Notebook or Philadelphia or Steel Magnolias #LetItOut
When I need to feel community, I watch Pride