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I will not apologize for being me #

We all have a past some harder then others some that are devastating and a mess but we all have a past. Just because I am not afraid of being the person i am. I w treated like criminal called crazy and seen as someonw who has nothing to give to society .this is untrue i ama very talented person who is a role model for students and young adults who have struggled with life. We are not what are past says a out us. It's time to wake up and see how just because we had made mistakes and bad choices doesn't mean you can't learn from the experience. We can start our day over at any point in time. #Bewhoyouare #IH .O.P.E.

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#Bipolar #SelfMedicating #BipolarAwareness #saveus

My daughter's best friend lost her mother last night to a heart attack. She was bipolar and had been self medicating with alchohol. I am so extremely sad, scared and angry. I am sick of having to hide you I am. we all need and deserve to be who we are, where ever we and not be judged. We are people with a mental illness not just a mental illness. We deserve love and respect, not disrespect and judgment. #EndTheStigma #Bewhoyouare #Hope #peace

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This photo is a descriptive representation of what my manic can look like.
I’ve done the whole change my hair a drastic color and chop most of it off. I’ve rebelled against myself and changed things about myself based off of temporary feelings of impulse. Changing my hair color makes me fe better. Doing my makeup different gives me more confidence. Expressing myself helps my insides be able to flourish a little bit. Even if I look crazy for a week, it made me feel a little bit more me...or a bit more crazy...either way it helped me be more me. Being myself has always been a bit of a struggle because A. I wasn’t always comfortable with myself and B. I didn’t really know who I was. ( as we all don’t fully know.) it’s always been a challenge especially of being judged upon. Basically I’m at a point in life where I don’t necessarily feed into negativity of any kind, especially with my appearance. Accepting who we are on the outside is so important but yet so hard. Trying to find little things is hard when all you see is darkness sometimes. So why not add some excessive crazy colors into the madness? #Expressfeelings #expressinglove #Bewhoyouare #Color #r #MentalHealth #Bipolar #RandomThoughtsRandomMind