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Feeling down and beyond my limit.

It seems as though I feel shunned by so many people I want and need in my life. Here I am, all alone and just existing on this earth. Yes, I can take care of and support myself but honestly? It’s me, myself, and I navigating this world and not trusting anyone but myself day in and day out.

There’s my rant for the evening. #Depression #Overit #lonely #canttakeitanymore #alone #hurt

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#stressed #Anxiety

I just want to find a higher paying job, money I saved is getting low and I don’t want to end up living in my car. We’re already stuck at an hotel. This is getting expensive and I can’t afford an apartment. Bills are due all at once and I can’t even take my daughter out to just get out the room. I don’t have anyone to turn too. No family, no friends, just me. I’m overwhelmed, in constant worry and stress mode, and I can’t miss work to go to interviews but of course no one calls me for them anyways.. so I’m just stuck being a low life mom, who can barely make it, and has a sucky housekeeper job. My family was right about me after all. #canttakeitanymore


Anyone been too detoxification before?

My doctors, the commune and the folx working at the detoxifications ER or something has found out that I’ve had too many overdoses lately (about 8 on heroine I think in only a few weeks) so they wanna send me to detoxification on Monday.... We’ll... Really Tuesday but I’m first going to the emergency room for intoxication on Monday and staying there until Tuesday and will probably be sendt with an ambulance to the detoxification place... I really have mixed feelings about it because last time I was there they couldn’t handle my suicidal thoughts and sent me to the fucking psychiatric institution or hospital.... And I HATE it there so bad!!! I’ve been in psychiatric institutions 18 times when I was 18 and probably about 15 times since... So that’s pretty bad.... But anyways I really do not wanna go to detoxification again... I’d rather die really.... Cause I’m so suicidal now anyways that I don’t care anymore... But is there anyone else who’ve had either good or bad experiences with detoxification?#SuicidalThoughts #detoxification #canttakeitanymore #mixedthoughts #Anxiety


Broken emotional thermostat

My bipolar is making overly jealous/possessive for no apparent logical reason. My other half lied to me once and ever since I’ve been super paranoid and jealous of the smallest and most insignificant things. I need help. I keep messing everything up. Everything. ##Suicide #Bipolar #help #canttakeitanymore #Hatemyself