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    Just Want To Vent

    Just need to vent because every thing makes me so freaking angry!! Even the littlest things! I know it's my anxiety, but I literally can not take it!! It makes me furious and I want to break things and scream!!!

    Example: I called my phsychiatrist this morning to reschedule an appt because it's a video visit and I don't like video visits. I like to go in person. They were rude as hell and are charging me $55 for rescheduling. Now I can't get in until October 31st! Hope I have enough meds until then!
    I mean, really???!!!!! $55 f'ing dollars?!!!

    I swear I'm so close to just saying F it and stop taking all these damn pills and be done with it all!!!

    Just pisses me off to no end!! I can't take it!

    Ok I'm done.....I guess. 🤬🤬🤬
    #Anxiety #Depression #Rage #meds #PTSD #Doctors #anger #SuicideSurvivor #Overit


    mental illness is a pain in the ass

    I swear having a mental illness is a pain in the ass when it comes to having a job. I love what I do but it doesn’t help when you have a passive aggressive boss. I really just want to quit but I love my pay checks but at a certain point is the money worth your mental health? Sometimes I just wish if you got diagnosed with a disorder your doctor can write a note saying if I’m having a episode I don’t have to come in becz the struggle is real 🙃 #MajorDepression #Anxiety #Overit


    I don’t want to feel or be or do

    At the point where you just don’t give a fuck anymore. If you want to think I’m a pos I’ll be that, tired of trying to prove that I’m a good person constantly when people are literally shit to me and don’t care about your feelings what’s so ever. Fuck it whatever I don’t care about anything anymore I don’t want to feel love for people I don’t want to feel attached to ppl. I want to be a detached emotionless thing who didn’t care or feel anything. I just don’t want to care anymore. Stupid stupid stupid #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Depression #Overit #Selfharm


    So #alone

    Anyone else have to silently cry themselves to sleep because they share a room with their sister so have no where to feel their feelings


    Quiet group 😆

    Looks like we have the most quiet group on here. Surprise surprise 😆
    So, How is everyone doing at the moment?
    I have been crashed and in bed for 2 weeks with no end in sight. Trying to keep my head up but its really starting to get on my nerves. #MyalgicEncephalomyelitis #Overit



    Having to accept im a bells palsy patient because my condition is becoming more noticeable as a young adult (24 now) I can't seem to look at people in the eye anymore and when i get the courage to do so, ill have someone ask omg is ur eye okay? And we're back to square one. My sister told me to not care about the comments but when its everytime i look at someone i only see myself as the problem



    The day before my college graduation my father threw my things onto our yard telling me I am a raging bitch that causes all of our family problems.

    To put into context: two days before my graduation my mother (who is extremely abusive emotionally and controlling) tried to tell me who was going to be going to my graduation though I’d expressed who I wanted there. She wanted her mother there. Her mother and I had almost no relationship for over 18 years of my life. I told my dad I do not want her there I wanted my Nana who has truly been more of a parent and role model to me than either of my parents combined.

    For expressing I wanted my Nana there I was then told I am causing drama, but shouldn’t I be able to vocalize my wishes? For my college graduation? Apparently not.

    I’d decided to get a storage unit to be independent and not have to store anything at my parents house because they truly have led me to hate them. I went to pack my things and my dad was working from home. He yelled at me to come to his office. I said “no”. He then followed me out of the house to my car and told me “I’ve held my tongue long enough you are a raging bitch who causes all of the problems in our family. If we are such terrible parents get the fuck out of my house”. He then proceeded to throw everything I own and have bought for myself with money I have earned into the front yard of our house. Our new neighbors I’m sure think we are insane. Oh I forgot to mention I also have bruises on my arms from him grabbing me. I have fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos, and POTS. All of which make me suffer from chronic pain everyday. He forced me to move couches, a queen sized mattress and a 300 lb piece of furniture.

    In his rage he also told me to give him my car keys because the car is in his name. I paid $5,000 of the car by the way. He also told me to give him my HSA card which is how I get medicine and go to the doctor.

    Happy graduation to me I guess.

    He then talked to my Nana (his mom) who gave him a reality check.

    He then did a 360 and expected me to want to hangout with him that day. Welcome to my life where I am always always the problem no matter what I do. #Abuse #exhausted #breakingpoint #Anxiety #Depression #Overit


    My Body

    I was the same size for most of my early adult life. Then suddenly I tip my scale of what I should weigh. I can’t stand to see myself in photos and when I am disgusted.

    Even beyond appearance I hate myself. Why should I love a body that does nothing but fail me? #Pain #EDS #POTS #Overit


    Mighty staff keep blocking my posts from the public. Love that. Lucky for me I’m used to being dismissed. Guess you can’t be real here.

    #done #Irritated #worthless #silenced #lonely #alone #Overit #Suicide #dismissed #MentalHealth #illness #Ignored #invisible #Disability #Disabled

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    Defeat at its weekest point

    #WeightLoss #Depression #Anxiety #Life #Scoliosis #Overit #
    I feel defeated the most when my weight is the biggest issue on my mind. A look in the mirror and hey you there it will be okay. Any advice on how to stay a better healthy weight?

    #WeightLoss #Depression #Anxiety #Life #Scoliosis #Overit #Pain