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Shout out to everyone who attends Color & Chat!

I just genuinely wanted to extend a thank you to everyone who makes time to come to Color & Chat on Tuesday evenings!

Last night’s hangout was full of lively conversation and just being in the room with other people with a variety of artistic mediums and walks of life is so helpful in focusing in my creative energy. It’s especially helpful as I try to jump back into “normal” while grieving a loss.

Our chats remind me how incredibly resilient this community is, despite whether or not it’s fair that we need to be. Thank you all for continuing to show up to something that's so helpful for my own mental health.

If you want to join the next one, you can RSVP here:

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Art Events | The Mighty

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Coloring during Color and Chat

Tonight's Color and Chat on The Mighty was so much fun. The group is awesome and a great way to release stress in a creative way. I just used my Crayola coloring pencils and a free printable. #colorandchat

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Meet the Host of 'Color & Chat' (and learn more about the event!)

When does 'Color & Chat' take place?

-Every Monday evening we meet on Zoom starting at 7:30 p.m. ET until 9 p.m. ET.

Why do you host?

-As someone who finds Mondays particularly draining and realizing creative time is vital to my self-care, building in time and committing to it is really hard. I wanted a space I could hold myself accountable while also holding space for others who need the same or a place to hang out. It's been a true delight to host!

What happens during the event?

-Exactly what the title suggests! In all seriousness, we focus on self-care, light conversation, and working on art in all forms. We'll change topics if something is triggering or too heavy, and there's time to share at the end of each session (if you want to!).

What's expected of me?

-Participation is never required at these events. As someone with a lot of social anxiety, I know how difficult it can be to feel pressured to speak or show up in a new space. You are welcome to keep your camera and microphone on or off as well as use the chat! Or you can just listen in to test it out. I won't be upset if you leave a few minutes in if it's not your thing! Besides that, bring whatever creative project you're currently working on or looking to start!

To sign up for Color and Chat, go to to find upcoming times!

#MightyEvents #selfcare #virtualevents #Art #ArtTherapy #52SmallThings #colorandchat #MentalHealth #Anxiety #Depression

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Mighty Virtual Events: 11/8/21-11/14/21

Check out what's coming up this week in Mighty events!

**Please note - this calendar now goes Monday-Sunday as opposed to Sunday-Saturday!**

Find more details on each of these by heading to

#MightyEvents #MentalHealth #colorandchat #Art #ArtTherapy #ChronicIllness #Support #Journal #Journaling #Writing #PTSD #Trauma

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday 9/20/21!

Deborah is back with some tips & tricks for your mental health. Be sure to register here so you don't miss her live:

Later this evening we have our weekly art hangout. Learn more and register here:

#MightyEvents #MentalHealth #colorandchat

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday 9/13/21!

Too often we feel drained by the end of the day on Monday. Take an hour to recharge by focusing on art and light conversation. Learn more and register:

#MightyEvents #Art #ArtTherapy #MentalHealth #Selfcare #colorandchat

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday 9/10/21!

A special end-of-day Friday edition of our weekly art hangout. Chat, relax and work on some art. Learn more and register for this free hangout here:

#MightyEvents #colorandchat #ArtTherapy #Art #Selfcare

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday 8/30/21!

Jumping into the week is always tough. Unwind that Monday feeling with art and chit-chat. See what it's all about here:

#MightyEvents #Selfcare #colorandchat #Art

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday 8/16/21!

Take some time this evening to unwind with your art and the support of other Mighties at 4pm PT / 7pm ET:

#MightyEvents #colorandchat #Art

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday 8/9/21!

Join an event to support your mental health this Monday.

First, join a public live stream to learn some new tools and resources to add to your arsenal. Sign up and learn more here:

his evening, take some time to prioritize self-care and relax with some art and socialization. Sign up and learn more here:

#MightyEvents #MentalHealth #colorandchat #Selfcare