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Co-occurring disorders and prevelancy

In this group, we are definitely aware that we have both BPD and Bipolar. But did you know that having these disorders increases our likelihood of being diagnosed with others as well? I personally have symptoms of & have been diagnosed with: BPD, Bipolar 2, ADHD, PMDD (Premenstural Dysphoric Disorder), generalized anxiety, and substance abuse disorder (though I have been clean for a while now). I thought it was crazy, the chances that I have all of these! What makes me different? Well, it’s not that unique. In fact, only a MINORITY of people with borderline only are diagnosed with that alone. Mostly, it is comorbid (co-occurring) with anxiety, depression, and substance abuse (Biskin, Psychiatric Times). But since it has such a variety of symptoms, they tend to overlap with other disorders. Have you guys been diagnosed with more than just BPD and Bipolar? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BipolarDisorder #ADHD #comorbidity

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Benzoyl substitutes for anxiety

I've been having some issues with the psychiatric medications I'm currently taking that were prescribed by my psychiatrist. For example, lorazepam (Ativan) helps a lot with my anxiety, however, it makes me feel sleepy which is problematic since being alert during the day is important (especially with full-time college coming up soon for me). Then with antipsychotics, I need to take them but they also either seem to just knock me out and/or cause major weight gain (which is also unhelpful minus with my insomnia, but it causes extreme daytime drowsiness and I've also struggled with an eating disorder on and off for the past 11 years, so that can just trigger me to relapse into unhealthy eating habits).

I would ask my psychiatrist personally but he's very quick during appointments and basically just prescribes a pill then sends me on my way.

Anyways, to go back to the lorazepam/ativan issue, I also worry a bit about the addictive quality of that medication due to my addictive personality & tendencies both in the past and present.

But I don't know of a better alternative and I'm tight on money so (since most psychiatric medications are free in Ontario), my best option financially speaking is to take prescription psychiatric medications, since I don't have to pay for them. I'm on ODSP (Ontario long-term disability), so finances are extremely tight/I'm in poverty (note: I'm not being dramatic here, that is a genuine fact and you can look it up yourself if you don't believe me).

Anyways, basically my question is, how can I determine which psychiatric medications I should take when my psychiatrist isn't thorough or even borderline malpractices (and doesn't even give me drug info when giving me new prescriptions), and there's very long waitlists to get a new psychiatrist? Should I just call a pharmacist and see what they'd recommend maybe or should I not because psychiatric medications aren't necessarily their specialty (since that's what psychiatrists specialize in)?

I don't know what to do and I feel like my doctors don't either.

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Looking for families I may know.

I am already part of a few wonderful groups on FB and am looking at The Mighty’s Apert community, to see how we can cross reference co-morbid conditions such as #Autism #ADHD , #Epilepsy , #Microcephaly , #Aparaxia of speech with other communities.



A prosperous live with comorbidity

Hey Everyone! Hope you guys are well today 💚
I wanted to ask does anyone here have comorbidity? If so, how's life? I have comorbidities and I sometimes worry that my life won't feel full or complete because of them. #comorbidity #MentalHealth