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    Has anyone ever had this horrible experience I’m having with doctors that won’t take patients that are treatment-resistant with major depression?

    I’m fine and better without an antidepressant or all of the combos of antidepressants that I had tried.
    I can’t even safely take antidepressants because they actually made me actively suicidal in my early 40’s.

    But, I still have needed prescription sleeping pills to sleep even for 4 hours and I still have needed anxiety medication especially now while I watch my cat daughter, my only child, suffering most days and deteriorating from her very old age and her medication side effects for her scary hyperthyroid condition.

    But, I can’t get a new doctor to take me as a patient, and obviously, I do need one still, but the doctor I have been going to repeatedly and unmistakably treats me horrible -demeaning-laughing in my face about my disabilities, so I obviously can’t put myself through that with him any longer.

    And to make matters even worse - when my current sleeping pill and anxiety pill prescriptions run out, I have had fear instilled in me by multiple doctors and my pharmacist that I will experience unbearable withdrawal symptoms for a very long time since they are both controlled substances that I was put on since 2019. And not one doctor wants to do their job and even monitor me as I come off of these medications. #Doctors #Psychiatrists #MedicalProfessionals #TreatmentresistantDepression #CheckInWithMe #MajorDepression #ChronicDepression #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Insomnia #Anxiety


    URGENT: Need inputs from psychologists/psychiatrists/writers

    I'm writing a feature for a college assignment on how writers are more prone to mood disorders than most people and would love insights from psychologists, psychiatrists and writers (with mood disorders). I have prepared a set of questions for each. So, please reach out in case you're interested to help. This is super urgent!! You can also reach out to me on Instagram @pihunoxious. #MoodDisorders #BipolarDisorder #Writers  #psychologists  #Psychiatrists  #Depression #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD  #help 


    transference? or? #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #SleepDisorders #PTSD #Psychiatrists

    Hi! I hope all of you are well and safe wherever you are. Please continue to stay safe and healthy! 🙂

    I’m having this issue which I’m not so sure is it transference or is it real. I am seeing my psychiatrist for around 6 years and I got to admit that I am very reliant on him. He is around my age, just a tad older than me. We share some same hobbies together and he shares some of his personal lifes with me. While I always share mine with his when I sees him.

    But I keep telling myself, I got to keep it professional too. He is just a medical doctor and he is human after all. He doesn’t judge, but he listens. The way he looks at me, is really melting me into pieces.

    I followed up with him yesterday and I have anxiety issues. Therefore, he took my BP and used a stethoscope to listen to my heartbeat. Oh ny oh my. He called his nurse in. He is so near me. He turned away when he is taking my heartbeat as I am looking straight. In any event, if I turned, it will be a kiss for sure.

    And now, I just cant stop thinking of him. He is charming and he always look directly into my eyes when I speak to him.

    Sigh. I need advise. Pleaseeee


    Argh. Taking all my composure not to lose it on my #Psychiatrists office rn

    OMG. I have to rant real quick because ooh I’m so mad on a Sat morning. Been seeing my psych for 1 yr + and all is well, I have insurance, I pay my bills, blah blah blah. Insurance is still in effect 100%, but there’s been a processing error. My appt is THIS MORNING. I get an email (FIRST NOTICE BYW) LAST NIGHT AT 7 PM informing me that I owe 300 bucks and have to pay it or my appts cancelled TOMORROW. (That it takes at least a month to get in with her to get meds and eval for new possible diagnosis). I text my psychiatrist when I see the email, explaining that it must be an insurance mistake and can I please keep my appt. Her response “front office lady will text you”. I hear nothing. Appt is at 11 am. I get a text from front office lady at 10:59 am , I shit you not, telling me no I cannot keep my appt. I call the number I was texted from only to be told I couldn’t have been emailed at 7pm bc no one was even working then. My voice raised and I was angry, but actually kept it together enough not to completely flip the fuck out. But woo. Moral of the story: can anyone recommend a psychiatrist in the hill country area of Texas?!
    Thanks for listening❤️ I hope y’all’s days are starting better!


    Insurers refusing to cover patients for out-of-network psychiatrists is absurd. In-network docs are full! We are in a global pandemic which includes mental health so the demand for treatment is through the roof and is overwhelming the system.

    If you are able please demand that your insurer does their job which is to cover your healthcare.

    #Psychiatrists #HealthInsurance #Depression #Anxiety


    What are the questions about sexual side effects you wish your MD would ask?

    As psychiatrists we always ask about "sexual side effects" from medications. Sometimes we use words like "sex drive," or "ability to finish" as well as a few other vague clinical-sounding references to sexual function. However I wonder if we aren't capturing the data correctly with these questions.

    What do you think are the best ways/questions doctors should ask to learn about a patient's sexual problems due to medicines?

    #Depression #Anxiety   #Medication   #Psychiatrists


    Admiration of people on this app

    I didn’t know what anxiety meant when I was in high school. I didn’t even know it was a thing people experienced. I was too anxious to focus on my homework, too anxious to perform to my ability on tests, and too anxious to even share my feelings with friends. Man I needed this app as a young person.

    Reading how supportive people are on here makes me feel optimistic for young people today. You guys are taking care of each other and I love it. As a young adult psychiatrist I’m in awe of you.

    #Psychiatrists #Anxiety

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    Turning 35 #BirthdayGirl

    On February 22nd I turned 35. My birthday party was on the 20th. I have not really much had changed. However, I know that #Family is everything. I have been through so much this year. I have been on #Disability for so long.

    I realized that it takes time to heal. It was clear that it would take more than a month to recover from years of not getting on the right #Medicine . I thought about how my old #PsychiatricMedication did not work for me. My #Psychiatrists office was horrible. Now that I am in a new practice, I am feeling much better. I am beyond #thankful that things are the way they are right now.

    I may not be where I used to be, but I know I am heading where I want to be. I seek #stability in my life. I know we all do. We want to be able to handle issues, problems, grief or loss in better ways than we have for years. #stayingpositive is key to moving forward, but #stayingcalm is another story also. It takes a lot to think positive because it's so easy to be naturally driven to negativity.

    Imagine, you hit your toe against the side corner of a table... Yet someone is telling you you're beautiful at the same time. Which are you going to think about more? The voice of the one telling you you're beautiful, or the toe that has sooting pulsating pain up your leg into your brain? This is like #NegativeThinking in action for someone like me.

    So... #Cheers to making it to 35. I pray that God helps my Dad's health, and the rest of my family's health. I pray for peace and comfort in times of pain. I pray for my Dad to be #CancerFree and I pray for all who are reading this message.

    I may be all over the place tonight.. but I know that #BipolarDepression can only make me stronger.

    God Bless You.
    So say we all.

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    Discharged from Psychiatric Care #Bipolar #RapidCyclingBipolarDisorder #Psychiatrists

    Today I had my appointment with the psychiatrist. She said that she was happy with my mental status and that I wasn’t a danger to myself or others. She was happy to discharge me from the mental health care team, the START team, and herself. I have to continue to see my G.P. regularly and continue with the blood tests and my medication is to continue as it is. If I have any relapses then I’ll be referred again.

    My frustration with this is that I am dosed up on Depakote and my mental illness is shrouded by a chemical haze. How can she get a picture of myself when I am just medicated up to the eyeballs? It seems like they have found the dosage necessary to make me functional and that is that.

    I’m perplexed 😕
    #bipolartreatment #RapidCyclingBipolarDisorder #Depakote #sodiumvalporate