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Relying on medication #Migraine

It is hard being reliant on tylenol, sumatriptan, gabapentin ect. Just to function on a daily basis. Especially now with an increase in mandatory screen time the migraines are coming in more and the medication is working less. It also bothers me when ppl. Tell me to "try yoga" or "drink tea" especially if they themselves dont have migraines. I found something that works for me provided the triggers aren't there so I possibly can go med free but everytime there is progress there is a m.a.p. test or zoom call and I have another 24 hour migraine. #cronicmigraines #Migraine #aura


Thoughts on migraines comunities.

It's been 3 days since my migraine has started. Although I know the trigger, there us absolutely nothing I could do to change it. Migraines are absolutely the most annoying thing ever if I didn't have one I would have been able to sit through a full day of school (grade 12) without sleeping in class and go to all the after school activities I saw pictures of. It is a tough road and I had to turn off my technology for most of the day bec of light making things worse. I even asked someone to turn off the sun 😂. I am very grateful that even though my classmates try but fail to understand I now know that there are others that go through similar things. Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, head pain, ringing, back neck and shoulder pain, drowsiness, sensitivity to light and noise ect. We all go through different combinations of symptoms some have aura like I do. some have multiple other conditions but there is an understanding of something called pain that we go through on a daily basis and I would like to say I am so happy that I found this community. #cronicmigraines #MigrainesWithAura #Migraine


Multiple conditions #CrohnsDisease #cronicmigraines #stomachmigraines

Anyone else with more than one condition have a hard time figuring out what is flaring?

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