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    Aura symptoms, concerning or annoying?

    Hi Everyone!

    I have been recently starting my migraine treatment journey and have been more diligent about noticing and tracking aura signs.

    I've noticed that along with the aura and dizziness symptoms that I seem to have a ringing in my ears and hearing loss as well as an uncontrollable hand tremor.

    Do any of you have similar signs?

    Knowing other people experience the same thing is kind of comforting...


    #Migraine #aura #VestibularMigraine #Tinnitus #Tremor

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    My Migraine with Aura diagnosis

    I’ve recently been diagnosed with migraines woth aura but have been told very little at all about them... I seem to have all the symptoms but I feel they not presented in a ‘typical’ way.

    I only ever see 1 single dot of light at any one time, my visual auras are never the typical images seen on google... is it normal to only see one small light at a time ? I could see anything between 1 and 5 dots through the day, but never multiple at one time.

    Sometimes they are white, and others they are blue. I do get headaches but can’t always relate them to times I see the lights. However I do get a short sharp pain in my right eye area.

    The symptoms aren’t thattt bad so I’m not worried about a cure particularly my main concern is a misdiagnosis.
    #Migraine #MigraineWithAura #aura #SmallLights #Headache #Diagnosis #help

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices


    I am curious to know if anyone has smelled anything that isn’t really there before they have gotten a migraine?!?
    I am currently smelling cigarette smoke but I know that it isn’t coming from anywhere and my friend who was here didn’t smell it.
    I don’t know if this was something new or an aura to my migraines.
    Very interested in peoples thoughts.
    Thanks 😊

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    Relying on medication #Migraine

    It is hard being reliant on tylenol, sumatriptan, gabapentin ect. Just to function on a daily basis. Especially now with an increase in mandatory screen time the migraines are coming in more and the medication is working less. It also bothers me when ppl. Tell me to "try yoga" or "drink tea" especially if they themselves dont have migraines. I found something that works for me provided the triggers aren't there so I possibly can go med free but everytime there is progress there is a m.a.p. test or zoom call and I have another 24 hour migraine. #cronicmigraines #Migraine #aura

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    Have you had to stop driving due to your condition? If so, how are you coping?

    I went from driving EVERYWHERE to barely being able to make it down the street to the pharmacy. If someone told me a year ago that I'd be as "dependent" as I am now I wouldn't believe them. In literally just over a year I've had to make so many changes due to my multiple chronic illnesses. I have increasing difficulty doing some of the simplest things like showering, getting dressed, cooking meals... (the list goes on) but I never expected or even thought about not being able to drive myself. Due to the unpredictable attacks associated with my Ménière's it's not safe for me to drive.. but even riding in a car is difficult because I now get car sick so easily and if it's a long ride I suffer due to my chronic pain. Who else has had to give up driving? #ChronicIllness #InvisibleIllness #MenieresDisease #bilateralmenieresdisease #vestibulardisorder #innereardisorder #HardOfHearing #HOH #Tinnitus #Vertigo #nausea #carsickness #Migraine #aura #visualdisturbances 🚘🚫

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