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Question 🙋‍♀️

Has anyone else experienced extreme light and noise sensitivity? Doctor says it’s migraines, i don’t have the actual migraines a lot but the light and noise sensitivity is there all the time. It doesn’t go away, it’s just easier to deal with at times. I also get something like trails or tracers in my vision and it makes me feel sick to my stomach. Is this just migraines? #MajorDepressiveDisorder #Anxiety #PTSD #MigrainesWithAura


Is it’s normal that I only ever see 1 single small dot of light at any one time? Say 1 a day or 5 through the day. Do others have auras like this?

#Migraine #lights #stars #MigrainesWithAura #MigraineWithAura #aura #SmallLight


Is it’s normal that I only ever see 1 single small dot of light at any one time? Say 1 a day or 5 through the day. Do others have auras like this?

#Migraine #lights #stars #MigrainesWithAura #MigraineWithAura #aura #SmallLight



I am curious to know if anyone has smelled anything that isn’t really there before they have gotten a migraine?!?
I am currently smelling cigarette smoke but I know that it isn’t coming from anywhere and my friend who was here didn’t smell it.
I don’t know if this was something new or an aura to my migraines.
Very interested in peoples thoughts.
Thanks 😊


Thoughts on migraines comunities.

It's been 3 days since my migraine has started. Although I know the trigger, there us absolutely nothing I could do to change it. Migraines are absolutely the most annoying thing ever if I didn't have one I would have been able to sit through a full day of school (grade 12) without sleeping in class and go to all the after school activities I saw pictures of. It is a tough road and I had to turn off my technology for most of the day bec of light making things worse. I even asked someone to turn off the sun 😂. I am very grateful that even though my classmates try but fail to understand I now know that there are others that go through similar things. Fatigue, nausea, dizziness, head pain, ringing, back neck and shoulder pain, drowsiness, sensitivity to light and noise ect. We all go through different combinations of symptoms some have aura like I do. some have multiple other conditions but there is an understanding of something called pain that we go through on a daily basis and I would like to say I am so happy that I found this community. #cronicmigraines #MigrainesWithAura #Migraine


Too much on my mind #Cantsleep

I’m exhausted but can’t sleep. So much going on in my life right now. On top of having chronic migraines, which are absolutely out of control right now, my mom is having health issues. My bf is not helping the situation at all by not helping out, he has his own set of issues. And I can’t get my mind to stop! 😢 thanks for letting me vent!
#toomuchtodo #Toomuchtohandle #Migraines #MigrainesWithAura #ChronicMigraines

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Hello 🖐 There #CheckInWithMe

Good Morning Mighty Family n Friends

Guess What

I think my nasty Migraine might have finally gone....
Whoop whoop...
Only took a week. Been thinking it's been gone these passed few days. But just wanted to make sure it had, and wasn't gonna sneak back up on me. 😅
It's been raining 🌧⚡Thunder and lightening then sunny next day 🌞So wanted to make sure.
Still got nasty headaches, but that's just normal for my meds and facial conditions.

AND guess what number 2

My wonderful doctor after writing to the neurologist for the third time at my other local hospital. I only have an appointment in September.
A face to face one even.
That's another little dance time.
I've seen her before when I lived in that area.
She is really nice 👩‍⚕️saw her when she diagnosed me with trigeminal neuralgia.

So fingers crossed she can start to investigate these migraines and cluster headaches.

So as I can now see out of both eyes again, no double vision or blurry vision. I'm back on the Mighty.
I have missed you all so much. Gets lonely. But my lovely neighbour kept me company, and when she couldn't be there she'd drop off her little dog for a bit, to play with my 2 pups for a while.
Loved watching them all play. 🐕🐶🐾❤😅

Hope you are all ok. Do tell me what you are all up to.
Love n hugs Tj ❤🤗🧡😘🌞💚🐶 #RareDisease #MigrainesWithAura #TrigeminalNeuralgia #GlossopharyngealNeuralgia #SphincterOfOddiDysfunction #Anxiety #Hope #Love #Selfcare #Bekindtoyourself #Family #Friends #Depression #checkonyourneighbours #Arthritis #PsoriaticArthritis

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Cats playing dress up #laughterisgoodmedicine #giggleswithafriend

Good Morning Mighty Family 🖐

'I really wish my human would have children'

I couldn't help but laugh at this and also think how adorable that puddy cat looks. Boy my cats would not let Me do that to them 😅😅😅😅😼😼😼
They'd be fur flying and claws out.

Hope it brings a smile to your face today what ever you are doing.
🖐🤗❤Love as always Tj from migraine bed 😎 🛌

#MigrainesWithAura #RareDiseases #Hope #PsoriaticArthritis #InflammatoryArthritis #Selfcare #Bekindtoyourself #ClusterHeadaches #CheckInWithMe #Positivity

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Do You Remember? #Migraine #ChronicVestibularMigraine #MigrainesWithAura

Sitting waiting on yet another doctor today with a lovely migraine courtesy of the storm outside got me thinking. I had a very memorable first migraine. I inherited migraine syndrome from my mother and I was in primary when my first one started. It began with aura, which for me is usually big purple blotches over my vision and little floating white lights at the corners of my eyes.

I didn't know what was going on and got upset. I told a teacher I saw purple spots and she thought I was making it up - I had lots of imaginary friends and such - and ignored me and told me off until I really started to holler. Finally she broke down and called my father. He was at work, and by the time he arrived I was crying because I was dizzy and my head hurt. My dad, being a neurologist, knew very quickly what was wrong. He got onto the teacher for berating me and not calling him sooner.

I've had regular migraines of severe intensity ever since, but every aura takes me back to that first day, standing there pulling on the hem of my teacher's dress, begging to be heard. Often when trying to speak to doctors I get that same feeling of being looked down on or not listened to. I'm sure all of us chronically ill folks share in that experience, sadly. It took decades to get all of my conditions properly diagnosed, even with my father being a medical professional.

Do you remember your first migraine? How old were you? And how do you handle feeling unheard by medical professionals? #