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I don’t know if what I feel is right or not. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Daddyissues

When I was 8, my dad cheated on my mom and they divorced, I remember I fekt like if he had cheated on me too and I used to get so mad at him for bringing me to his girlfriend’s house. She had 2 kids about me and my sister’s age and I used to feel so jealous that those kids would have my dad for them every night and not me. A lot of hate towars his girlfriend and those kids grew in me. Im 25 now and I moved to another country. I barely talk to my dad, he has only visited me once since I moved and the time he was here I thought we had fixed a lot of things. But he told me that he hired a paralegal and that girl is his ex girlfriends daughter. I dont know if Im being crazy and dramatic but that brought my feelings back again, I feel jealous that she is the one spending so much time with my dad and not me. Lately I’ve been seing that my dad takes her for dinner, takes her home everyday and celebrates her birthday with her. I also saw a story from her yesterday where she is in my dad’s bedroom and that made me feel so much anger. I really don’t know if I should express my feelings or just keep them to myself. I feel stupid because Im happily married and my husband is an amazing man, nothing like my dad so I feel so blessed for my life now but at the same time I don’t understand why my dad’s decisions keep hurting me.

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#Daddyissues #CPTSDinrelationships

I wanted to share this with y'all because it's always almost about a"woman" when they say you have Daddy issues! But it can also be referred to a man that never had a good male romodel in their lives & are repeating the same cycle bcuz they never had anyone teach them any better! I just wanted to share this with everyone, so next time you want to say someone has"Daddy issues" maybe people will be more sensitive to the way a person grew up & ppl won't use the term so loosely!! ✌️💚☯️💪🙋

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The more I grow up the more I realize......

It's not the easiest thing to grow up without a male figure. My mom ended it with my father when I was only 3 (I'm already 17). #Daddyissues


how to help someone with 'daddy' issues?

My sister's ex-husband is a narcissist and abusive person. He mentally abused my sister, oldest nephew and oldest niece for years before cheating on my sister and divorcing her. They have a younger daughter but he's never cared about her so she doesn't care about him either - she's actually the one who sees him for what he is. However, my oldest niece was daddy's little girl and the favorite - now that she's officially an adult (18yrs) her dad doesn't bother to pick her up and go out with her. So she keeps coming up with whack/crazy/desperate ideas to get his attention. It's soo annoying and frustrating! It's like she's 'blind' and has forgotten everything bad he's done to them and I don't put up with that bratty, desperate "Look at me daddy" attitude. She's a great girl, smart cookie deep down but is there any way to wake her up or shatter those rose-colored lenses she's wearing? Truly don't want her getting into trouble just to get the attention of someone who's clearly toxic in her life. #Daddyissues #mentalabuse #livingwithanarcissist


A lonely, aching heart desperate for love

I have issues, trauma and I am struggling with depression. I have been for years. I have daddy issues. So I date older men to feel complete. No one understands me fully. I feel so alone on the inside but I laugh and smile so everyone thinks I am ok. Everybody sees me as the quiet, innocent girl but really I am not that girl anymore but I hate disappointing people so I hide certain parts of me. Men that i like treat me like trash even when i try to be a different person. How can i be such a failure. Being told that I am pretty and I have what men want...but....why don't they want me. I never feel good enough. I don't feel loved. I have friends who love me and I appreciate them but something is missing. The love that I crave so much I just can't have and I hate myself for that. Sometimes there are no words to express how I feel. Why do guys ignore me? Why do I overthink so much? Why do I feel like a burden to everyone? Why do I feel like I owe anybody anything all the time? Why do I never feel truly happy? #Depression #Daddyissues

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The dad who appeared after 22 years...

So I was abandoned by my father when I was three months old, never knew anything about him but over the years I found one photo of him- dark hair and eyebrows like me! (I’m much darker than the rest of my family so I knew I got that from him)I kept it hidden and dreamt about the day he would come to find me.

I had a range of scenarios 1. He was dead 2. He was a spy and couldn’t make contact to protect me. The list would go on.

When I was 22 he sent me a message on Facebook (true Jeremy Kyle style). No where in the first message did it say who he was.

So the real shocker for me of the story is he was not the man I’d spend years dreaming about but a a blonde woman.

Don’t get me wrong I have nothing against those who are transgenders but to say it was hard would be an understatement. The features that I got from him where now gone. I had to mourn my idea of having a dad, it felt like he died.

A couple of years later I met her. I was understanding and as kind as possible however she is a lying, manipulative, abusive person who seriously couldn’t give a damn about me. She spent the entire meeting talking about herself and made no apologies for the hurt I had felt throughout the years. She then had the audacity to call me a narcissist.

My psychiatrist has told me to cut ties as I will be hurt again and again.

I could go on but I’m sure you’ll all agree that this post is long enough already!

#abandonment #Daddyissues

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I don't have a 'good' relationship with the man I'm supposed to call father. So, this day for me is hard. To celebrate something that I never had. A good father.

I'm relying on my heavenly Father.

#Daddyissues #hurt #Scars #inneedoflove