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× " H.A.P.P.Y MIGHTY FATHER'S DAY! " × #Father 'S DAY

× " Hey There All You Mighty Dad's Or Father's To Be... Wishing You All Mighty Father's.. A Wonderful Stress Free Day.. Remember To Breathe And Find Your Inner Peace... In Time's Of Stressful Moment's.. And Re-energized All Of Your Stress Into Something Meaningful... " × Take Care All You Mighty Rad Dad's In This Community... All My Love Your Mighty Poet... × ☆ S. K. ☆

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Navigating through life at the moment. Spouse w/ cancer, me w/ MS, Keeping everyone calm, working, on…and on…and on. These signs mean nothing, because you still have to get to the other side, regardless *All images I ever post are taken by me 🤙 #Cancer #MultipleSclerosis #husband #Father #empath #justtrying #doyourbest


Crying because of my father

Once again I’m here. Trying to sleep but instead crying. Thanks dad.

This month his gf had birthday and I forgot. He didn’t remind me and now used it to guilt trip me. I’m so tired of this. He went off on me and I asked him why wouldn’t he tell me when I forget and he said it’s my job to remember, as if I wasn’t the one constantly reminding him everyone else’s birthday and name days for a decade now. As if I have nothing better to do than think of someone who’s fucking stranger to me and hates me since childhood. Someone I don’t have and don’t desire to have any relationship with.

I asked him if he’d help me move and he asked me if I ever call/text him when I don’t need something, as if the fucking phone doesn’t work both ways.

At this point I really want him or his gf to have a stupid remarks at me during a family celebration, just so I can pick a fight and give him an ultimatum.

I’m trying to sleep but instead I’m thinking of all the things I’d like to scream at him and tell him how much he had hurt me in my life.

I have so much anger inside of me and I’m so exhausted with having to carrying it all the time.

#Father #anger

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Mighty Virtual Events: Monday, 6/21/21!

Join Mighty founder Mike chat about his role as a father and a caregiver in honor of Father's Day: bit.ly/3gySr0F

Later, unwind and relax with your favorite art, beverage and other Mighties: bit.ly/34pxM9u

#MightyEvents #Caregiving #Caregivers #Father #FathersDay #colorandchat


Trusting God #Father Abba Almighty

I’m laying everything on God. My earthly dad was a complete bad person. He has hurt every life he has touched.

I want to let go and trust God. I am almost there. I don’t want my heart broken. Yes, God has done so much. But…🧎🏿‍♂️🌈

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Dealing with new grief with a very old death. #Grief #Father #Loss

#Grief —- hello. I have been working with a therapist lately and new grief has come up.

My dad passed in when I was about three(because of a car accident). I am in my early 50s. I have not able to feel good about being happy. I almost feel very guilty about being happy.

During my therapy today. The thought came to me about going to a group to talk about grief. I am very lonely and don’t have any friends to talk with, or even just to hang out with.

Any thoughts or suggestions? What has worked for some of the people here?

Thanks for the ideas

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#Therapy for lifelong #Trauma #PTSD 1st time at 37 #help !!!

#Trauma #Therapy for #PTSD 1st time really “ready” to open up with #Psychiatrist at 37 #childhoodtrauma #abuse #neglect #fearofabandonment #psychologicalabuse from a father that I would describe as #CharlesManson with a #TheBible in one hand and #Alcoholism in the other. In addition to a family that #rejected me completely so much so that on both sides of my #Divorced #Family I had rules that if I walked in the room within one minute all of my cousins had to leave my #physical presence because I was just #different but never had #behavioral #Problems just major misunderstandings and what seemed like a lot of #bad luck because of the many #Labels that seem to get stuck to me throughout the years in public #Education . So I was sent to live #alone with my #Father at 11 on a #cult like farm with no access to the outside world (no modern technology including TV, Radio or Phone) and he #brainwashed me as a #Child to never speak to anyone or they would lock me up and throw away the key or call me a liar and ignore me completely. So I have major #Trust #issues and have no clue where to begin when I see my #Therapist via video this week. I also have #ADHD with a #mind that is #hyper #creative and #super analytical seems like a #Gift and #Curse when expressing my #Thoughts and #Emotions #help #Advice #ParanoidThoughts


Wear T-Shirts again and reveal my scares?

I'm clean since 26th of May right now. 6 weeks?
It's getting warmer and I want take of my jacket but I'm too afraid how my teachers and the other guys in my school will react. What do you think? Take of the jacket or not? I do not have any wounds just scares but they are still eye-catching.

Also I will be for two weeks in Italy next month. I told my father about the cutting but he didn't really react. I never wear T-Shirts at home but in Italy I have to...I'm afraid even tough my father knows about the cutting. I don't want to cause any reaction in the future just because he sees my scares every day for two weeks.

I'm thinking too much right now!
#Cutting #Selfharm #selfharmthoughts #Father #Family #School #Scars #Depression #Anxiety



#Father it’s better to have a absent father then a mentally straining one he is the main reason I have depression, why I get into these dark thoughts/moods about myself out of nowhere and I’m so cool with solitude because it’s normal for me when it shouldn’t be I’m tired of sacrificing my feelings for him so he can be in control I’m so done with him idk what to do anymore I want him in my life but he doesn’t even try to understand how I feel I think It’s time for me to let go so I can be happy without this dark cloud above my head