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Why holding abusers accountable matters

They say hurt people hurt people. While this is sometimes true, it isn't a free pass to abuse others. We can be empathetic to the abuse others have endured without condoning their actions that harm others. Those of us who have experienced abuse often turn our shame and blame inward. It's critical that we place that responsibility where it belongs, with our abusers.

Being Abused as a Child Is Not a Free Pass to Abuse Others

Has anyone ever tried to minimize your abuse by giving your abuser a free pass? How did that make you feel? What would you like them to know about why that's hurtful?

#Trauma #PTSD #CPTSD #accountability #blame #Responsibility #victimblaming #Shame

Being Abused as a Child Is Not a Free Pass to Abuse Others

"To suggest a one-to-one correlation stigmatizes survivors."

Update to my last post - #SexualAssault  #dadhatesme

***Trigger Warning***

I swear my dad hates me.
Fist of all he blames me for all the sexual abuse I went through, as a teenager and as a young adult when I was raped.  That according to the conversation my parents and I had May 1.
Growing up he shamed me and embarrassed me with the things he'd say, "Your headlights are showing," "If you didn't have epilepsy or weren't a Christian, you'd be sleeping on the streets with every guy that came long, pregnant with 3 kids," and so on.
He didn't protect me when I was molested in the CN Tower elevator and he shunned me the rest of the day when I needed his support - I was 12.
Now he says I deserve these, the others I went through, and the rape when I was 26.  And he's got mom, and possibly my brother all on his level of thinking.  God says There is therefore now no condemnation Romans 8:1.  Is his opinion greater than the Bible's?  Even Tamar was not condemned in the Old Testament
So does my dad hate me?  It sure feels that way.
#victimblaming #SexualAssault #ToxicRelationships

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