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My Article Was Published on Go Mag last night!

I wanted to share my new piece that was published yesterday on Go Mag. I’m writing a second piece for them now. I’m proud to share this because it is the FIRST article I’ve written (that’s been published) in my freelance career that is not a personal essay. I’m branching out, though my love is always with personal stories.

This specific piece is for Women’s History Month. To remember the prolific, influential dancer Isadora Duncan. She was the epitome of the romantic tragic artist. Her young children died in a car accident. Her husband left her after a year and committed suicide by hanging. In 1927 (at age 50) Isadora died her own unusual and untimely death. The long hand-painted scarf draped around her neck became entangled with the rear axel and open-spoked wheels of the car she was traveling in; forcefully pulling her out and ultimately, breaking her neck. She was an amazing individual. She had no formal dance training yet she attained fame and success in Europe. Toured several countries. Opened dance schools. Etc.

Let me know what you guys think! PS: This was my first piece for Go Mag. My second piece for them is due in 6 days. They pay very quickly, for anyone interested in writing for them. More so than any other pub I’ve worked with. I was paid via Zelle within mere hours of my story being published yesterday. Gotta love that 🙂 #womenshistorymonth #Suicide #tragedy #Death #Dancer #MightyTogether #Bemighty #polygomy #Bisexual


The lonely man the lonely women

#MightyPoets #Dancer #Depression #Anxiety #deadinside

He enters the room
we all start to stare
Bunch of women living life in such despair...

We all swarm like voulchers
Until he finally takes a seat
Seeing his pockets full puts us all in heat
As I approach him I finally sit in the winning seat...

I tell him lies and everything he wants to hear,
Poor him, thinking I'm so dear....
Come a little closer, now I got him in my grasp,
Telling me Im beautiful only makes me want to laugh...

As I dance for him inside im crying
I can only look at him and imagine him dying,
Now were done we go our separate ways,
Dont touch or look at me, its better off this way...

Go home to your wife while she sites at home and cries
You and I both live a life full of lies......


Hypermobility Syndrome #hypermobile #Dancer #contortionist

Yesterday I went to the gym and I sort of had a silent contest with a bodybuilder. I wish I hadn't because now I have a pulled muscle and I have to go to a class. Ugh....