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New Group for Chicagoland

I recently started a Facebook group called "Service Exchange for People with Disabilities in Chicago." The idea is to create a tight knit community that helps and supports each other. I'm hoping we will be able to help each other out with things like rides to appointments, cleaning the house, etc. It's for people who identify as disabled as well as their loved ones in the Chicago area (including surrounding suburbs). If you're interested, please join!

#Disabled #Disability #EhlersDanlosSyndrome #Hypermobility #AutoimmuneDisease #RheumatoidArthritis #CrohnsDisease #InflammatoryBowelDiseaseIBD #Dysautonomia #PosturalOrthostaticTachycardiaSyndrome #Chicagoland #Chicago

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Take Chances Everyday!

<p>Take Chances Everyday!</p>
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On the verge of being homeless

#Bipolar #Chicago I’m unfortunately back in my parents abusive household after being jumped by the both of them a few months ago. I obviously have a very short time limit on how long I can be here and am taking a huge risk by being here so is there any kind of advice u guys can offer me? I have nowhere to go and no money. I can come up some kind of money in a few days, but they make it difficult for me to even obtain that little money so it slows down everything. I’m in Chicago, but willing to travel. Is there anything u guys can think of that will help me? #Homeless #BipolarDisorder #Depression #SocialAnxiety

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Community Voices

Traveling While Depressed. #Travel #Depression #Chicago #Food #boredom #lonely

I just want to
Leave this place,
On my own, without a notice or compromise
To peel off my old face, and sew another on top
A “drastic” improvement of my personal abilities
To be soft on the eyes and ears
To start over on finding what it means to be whole again

Less do’s and dont’s
Maybe even get to blend in every once in a while
And i wont comeback or ring you for help
Youll easily forget me and ill finally know what its like to actually move on

This is what i feel, how i see when you continue to blackmail me
From open wounds to the ones covered with tattoos
From the fabrics i weep in
To the insomnia that suddenly creeps in

Is this a suicide letter? No.
Ive never really left my death bed.

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Community Voices