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I have many of this thoughts 💭 #overthinking #BPD

I’ve been having trouble recognizing that I’m going low and many people see me above many challenges that I’ve overcome. Today is a good day, but I can’t keep thinking of what I want to be whenever I grow up? Guess what ? I’m older , lol and don’t know what I want to be , because I feel that I can be anything and that I will be good at any role, but honestly I’m tired of thinking and thinking again and over again. This career has reached me so much and I want to keep learning and improving in any way, that will make me happy and full.

I just want to feel full.

What are your experience to overcome and achieve what you dream of?

My dreams are plenty, but I for sure know that I want peace and balance, obviously in a intense way if not what other.

#darkhumor #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

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Dark humour books

Hey everyone, just wanted some suggestions on dark humour books.
I am re reading my year of rest and relaxation by ottessa moshfegh and I’m looking for more authors that write similar or even better than this! #Books #darkhumor

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#brothers #youthcaregivers #Love

Happy Holidays y’all! My greatest joy is sitting around the table laughing with our family despite all we have been through. Often #darkhumor but lots of laugh after living with and through: #Cancer #spinalinjury #mental illnesses #chronic illness #SeizureDisorder #SuicideLoss and more. Joy and appreciate in the small things is pretty magical. I wish y’all love and health this day.

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This made me laugh #sarcasm #selfdeprecating #darkhumor

Sometimes you laugh inspite of yourself, because this is only funny because we’ve all met captain obvious- useless. My buddy was in the grocery with a little guy with an NG tube Captain obvious approaches And asks if she considered seeing a gastroenterologist... who was captain obvious- useless in your life?