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A little love for my #dspd crew

Hey, I know getting to sleep on time is both a desperate desire and an unobtainable mountain. Just know that you aren't alone. For centuries, there have been folks that were better suited to staying awake in the night to keep watch over and protect all of the townsfolk that slept. Traits like that don't just de-evolve overnight. Don't be ashamed of being a #guardianofthenight #dspd #DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder #SleepDisorders


I hate myself. What’s the point of living? I just eat, go to the toilet, sleep and breathe. I hate my life. This is not the way I wanna live. I’m the same girl I was yesterday. I don’t want to live like this. Sometimes I feel like I’m going insane. My lifestyle makes me sick and it sucks. Before anyone tells me “then change something about it” it’s not easy okay? I try my best and I tried so many times but nothing changes. I hate my diagnosis to death. I’m so angry at myself. I wanna destroy, punch and scream and let my pain and anger out. I’m tired of being fat and before you tell me that being fat isn’t wrong- I know but there’s something wrong with me being fat. I’m not comfortable with the way I look. Being overweight isn’t easy either. I have so much pain in my body because of it. I can’t go out either to do sports. I am so scared of going out. I just can’t. I can’t wake up in the morning and I can’t sleep at night. I hate it so so much.

#SocialAnxiety #Anxiety #Depression #DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder #BingeEatingDisorder #MentalHealth #CheckInWithMe


anyone sleep better durring the day than at night? #sleepproblems #DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder #SleepWakeDisorders #daytimefatigue

I feel like this is really uncommon on here to talk about, but I believe I have delayed sleep phase dissorder. Basically my typical sleeping hours are 3-noonish. sometimes on the weekend (like tonight) i'll even stay awake until 4 or 5 in the morning and will awake in the afternoon. I've tried to adjust my sleep but nomatter what it always goes back to this because I simply cannot sleep until atleast 3 in the morning. and i need a solid 8 hours or I will be so fatigued when I do wake up. Anybody else like this out there? i just wish I had some feiends to talk to when I am awake (at nighttime) honestly.

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Goals for 2020

Easy: make at least one +20 km bike trip a month
Moderate: finally declutter my house
Ambitious: try to improve my sleep wake cycle, so that I can get some more daylight exposure

#dspd #DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder #deClutter #SleepWakeDisorders  #52SmallThings


A welcomed burst of energy!

I've been overwhelmed and exhausted for weeks now. The holidays, for me, start with my dating anniversary in August (we've been together 10 years), then my birthday in September, Halloween (it's a huge deal for me) in October, then Thanksgiving in November, my boyfriend's birthday in December, Christmas 4 days later and then New Year's on January 1st! Lol! So I'm INSANELY busy for months every year. I've been in bed basically for weeks now getting next to nothing done, but I had a burst of energy this evening and did some decorating, did some deep cleaning and organizing in our home and helped with dinner and shopping. I'm so grateful for bursts of enery. They are few and far between. #Agoraphobia #SomaticSymptomandRelatedDisorders #Lupus #Depression #Anxiety #IrritableBowelSyndromeIBS #Migraine #DelayedSleepPhaseDisorder