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    Community Voices

    I’m experiencing _______ pain today.

    <p>I’m experiencing _______ pain today.</p>
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    Community Voices

    How would you explain your #ChronicIllness
    to a kid?

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot, in two contexts. First, as a mom with #CrohnsDisease and #Endometriosis how to I explain things (bad pain days, trips to the bathroom, taking medicines) to my daughter? But, I’m also reflecting on being diagnosed at 12 years old. What language/words could I have used with friends and classmates to better explain my illness and help them empathize and understand, rather than tease and bully? #ExplainMyPain

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    How to describe anxiety/depression/ptsd to someone who doesn’t get? ##Anxiety #Depression #ExplainMyPain #Understanding #help

    Hello, I’m struggling to explain to my bf - who is from a very small town, about my mental health. It seems he can’t grasp it as he is too logical. He thinks people should be able to stop/start doing things they should/n’t do to better their health. How can I explain such a complex thing to him. And that telling me to “relax”, “drink water”, “have vitamins” - although great things to do - arent what I need to hear when I’m having a breakdown/ panic attack or just explaining my feelings. Are there any good materials that I could send? Ideally I’m going for things that are more matter-of-fact. a

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    Do You ever get an inexplicable need to hug someone specific? So strong you think you might cry if you don’t? I’m not sure if it’s from my depression, anxiety, exhaustion or some combination of the 3. #Depression #Anxiety #ExplainMyPain

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    Community Voices
    Community Voices

    My pain is like...

    My pain is like havung a chqrlie horse all over my body.
    My pain like like my nerves have a fireworks show every day.
    My pain is like driving a car but have no control.

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    We are warriors drafted for war
    In our own lives
    That we feel sometimes we
    Can't take no more.I
    But we are human after all
    But we rise after we fall
    We gain strength and wisdom
    from it,
    We cry, we scream
    Nd we let it out
    It's what is fucking
    We hide the fear
    Of the pain, knowing it's
     there and
    That it will hit u again. 
    But we push through
    The days.
    We smile an look ok
    At times our smile
    Quickly faces,
    We lay at night not
    Able to dream
    From the complexities
    Of our life.
    Sometimes taking
    Our tears, our hope, our courage and our power
    But not for long
    For we are fucking
    And we grow by the hour!
    For our growing wings
    And the strength from within,
    We remind ourselves
    What has been
    And repeat. . . .
    Never, Ever, Ever Give In!!!

    Jenny Ryan =  I like to write my own poems about it x

    Community Voices

    Many Types of Pain

    I feel like people don't believe my pain because of the many types of pain I have. My joints feel like they are on fire from my RA. The only way I can feel my feet and legs is through pain that feels like ant bites. The side of my face feels like someone is stabbing me with an ice pick because of my trigeminal neuralgia. My muscle spasms from fibro and MS feel at least 20 times greater than a "normal" spasm that you might get and come one daily even with medication, not just once in a while.
    This is just SOME of the pain I feel. And I constantly have people telling me I'm too young to have so many illnesses or it's not possible to have that much pain. Well, it is.

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