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Too Much Fatigue, Too Much Sleep #Depression

I’ve been feeling tired and fatigued so much for the last week. I’ve been sleeping late and this weekend I’ve felt so unmotivated. Today, I gave in to fatigue and had a three hour nap. I woke up wishing I could sleep forever. I know this is depression because I’m dealing with personal issues involving my family; I’m taking steps to go no-contact and it’s so devastating to know your family, particularly my mother, could care less about you and only want to emotionally abuse you. The pain is overwhelming. I also just started a new job so asking for a mental health day is a bit too soon. I’ll try to exercise more to get the hormones going and try to do what I enjoy to fight this depression. It’s going to very tough though. #DepressionAndMentalHealth #MajorDepression #nocontact #EmotionalAbuse #EmotionalNeglect #Familytroubles


Anyone know of some good anxiety/depression meds?

I am a 115lbs 20 year old female who struggles with off and on severe anxiety and depression. I am wondering if anyone is in the same boat as me who knows of some good meds that I might want to try for it. I am looking for something with the potential to have minimul side effects. #Depression #Anxiety #MajorDepressiveDisorder #SocialAnxiety #AnxietyAttack #AnxietyMedication #DepressionAndMentalHealth ##PTSD # #Depr #Suicide

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It’s been a heavy one

I don’t know about you all but I have what I think is a very erratic mood. I can be angry, happy, sad, scared, anxious all in one day all at different times and all for different reasons.

I try to keep people around me happy and I know the generic answer is you need to be happy and I agree whole heartedly but, other people being angry at me scares me so I do everything to not have them get angry at me. I try to keep my parents happy by not discussing my health because that turns into a fight. I am always happy and organized otherwise everyone asks what’s wrong. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle.

I always feel like I’m whining when I post and I try not to but unfortunely that’s how it comes across.

Anyway, thanks to reading.

Have a good day.
#Anxiety #BadDay #DepressionAndMentalHealth


Celebrating myself is hard #accomplishment #DepressionAndMentalHealth #Depression #selfcare #self -criticism

I’m still in bed at 10am and trying not to let the “lazy” label ruin my mood. My husband and I are both dealing with long term illnesses while launching our nonprofit meeting center and dammit we should be proud of what we’re doing. We both struggle with mental illness and addictive tendencies as well and we’re opening a public meeting center for people like us to feel less alone… rationally, I know we’re doing something really amazing, but the slow pace we’re getting things done at can be discouraging. It’s so hard not to be so hard on myself…


#upfornoreason #DepressionAndMentalHealth #SuicidalIdeation

It's 3:00am here, so yesterday morning I woke up went to my seaking safety class, talked to my #AddictionRecovery specialist, and the #HealthNurse . "As you might think I'm an attention seaker" Ha I wish,my life is a F* mess. Well I finally opened up and let know what all I was going through & how I felt about #DependentPersonalityDisorder . They all told me they was #proud of the #progress I was making. Well apparently I'm not allowed to #haveagoodday . Well little later I have go get my license and insurance card I forgot. 1st The Dr decided close early 2nd My car wouldn't start I even tried getting a jump, no luck. 3rd Husband in #jail for #DomesticViolence on me. I let him know what all happened. So he starts going off on me yelling, cussing me out, telling me how F* stupid I was and how I always do stuff to make him mad. "Like ya I wanted to get stranded in the hot weather" so here I am awake from #Stress #Worried wish I could just sleep. "Not trying to OD" but I've taken 3 of my 400mg of #serequel I'm just so over this I'm just praying I'd pass out and #notwakeup I'm sorry #justventing #DepressiveDisorders #LifeProblems #Readytogiveup


Just want to vent

Sibling came home triggered by seeing couples in public while eating. I can't imagine how lonely it feels for them and it makes me feel so bad. Still trying to be supportive but i felt totally useless. Tonight they came home and started yelling about how they feel bad and their usual worries and then went to room to sleep. I feel bad because i came out to living room to sit with him and dad because i didn't just want to leave dad to go through this alone. I don't want sibling to go to through this alone either but all i felt like i could do was sit. i listened to him yell out how much he's hurting. i usually would hug him but when he's upset like this sometimes in the past he has told me he feels weird being hugged. So i decided to just sit and listen. i didn't want to say anything in fear of making it worse. i feel bad how stressed this is making our parents because i know they are really trying to help but their age and health are really crucial with how old they are.
Also feeling bad because he feels bad. I do wish this person was getting more help but i have to remind myself that it's up to the person to want help.
#venting #Caregiving #MoodDisorders #ObsessiveCompulsiveandRelatedDisorders #DepressionAndMentalHealth

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No one understands #DepressionAndMentalHealth

Being by myself is bad for me. I'm sad and that sadness is getting worst day after day. I'm trying to make myself happy. Talking about my emotional problems with my mom is not helping because she doesn't think it's as bad as the depression she has. But isn't everyone's depression different? I feel like there is no one near me that can help me. I wish I could just be happy like when I was little. I truly want to go back to those days most of the time. I need to make friends where I am but I can't unfortunately. My emotions are becoming too much for me. I need help. #Depression #Anxiety #BrainInjury