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Put Your Batteries On!

Feeling depressed, so time for some Behavioral Activation. Also, my feelings are not facts. Yes, I feel sad that my dad rejected me last year for Father’s Day and man does it play with my self-worth & feed the stupid suicide ideation. My self-worth does not come from my Dad, it comes from being made in the image of God. I am God’s daughter. I’m fighting the depression today! I am doing this for my future children, husband and because I love my sister and niece . They need me and I want to be there for them. Going to start my Monday Arm workout!! #CPTSD #conqueryourmind #BehavioralActivation #PunchDepression #f ***Depression#SuicideIdeation #coping #iamworthy #JMJ #CheerMeOn


#lost #Depression #f *ckup #gonewiththewind

I leave a trail of sadness, destruction and pain wherever I go. This might be a dark night.

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Doctors’ narrow focus and training blinds them

Doctors are trained to focus on one area. When they are trained in their huge institutional, profit-based medical colleges, it causes docs to be hyper focused on their field. What this causes is the doctor to be a blind idiot, no longer allowing for the doc’s brain to function correctly. Most doctors today have no thinking skills; they cannot think outside of their training. Most doctors are idiots, and they will injure you by selling you things you don’t need.

The key to health is you understanding your own health. Nobody owns you; nobody cares about you more than yourself. Don’t trust the doctors; don’t take medicine without knowing how you and your genetics react to medications.

#f *ckallopathicmedicine
#f *ckBigpharma


#Depression #Suicide #Hope

My depression get the best of me
Long nights I don’t rest or sleep
Jaw tight as I compress my teeth
Digest the devil pressin me
Repress the stress that rest in me
Death don’t ever pester me
Life brings on all the pressure see
I can’t even measure the little pleasures
why can’t I just Rest In Peace
I strive to never take my life
Hear voices from a gun and knife
Fake light for when my dark nights strike
But fuck the light, give me a ladder
I’d rather fight and climb back to the surface
Search through all my pain for purpose
Learn to deal with the hurt and worthless
Help others in similar circumstances
Gives them chances in advance
To never glance on suicidal’s dance
#f ;ghter


Little Mouse

Little mouse little mouse, why huddle in fear?
Why sit there in shock? Your moves are so clear.
There is nothing that can stop you. Not them, not now.
Regain your freedom, though the question is how?
Walk beside me little mouse, for they know not what they do.
Don't let that break you, your pain is true.
Rise up, stand up, let your voice be heard.
You are free from them little mouse.
A little mouse you are no more.

#PTSD #f reedom #t rauma