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    When the Darkness Falls

    As the night fall comes illuminating the views with shades of the sunset aglow, dancing just above the rolling mountain is now my mind begins to dream a new day...

    Hoping for a tomorrow, visions of happiness, joy, life beyond...Beyond this place I'm stuck in...

    The evening seems a little quieter still, if that's even possible...only creaks of the house will I hear...

    Followed by the evening sights & sounds of nature...Lightening bugs dance...Crickets chirping, rustling of the brush, with squirrels, deer, rabbits..

    Nature without a hint of human existence.

    The days seem to simultaneously flash by in slow motion...Into the night...

    Day in day out, the phone never rings, the only time it gets its use is when I reach out to others..Or spam...

    I wonder if they'll want to call when they no longer can...I wonder if they'll think of me like I think of them...I often wonder how the knot that tied us together shredded so easily after I became ill...

    Was I only worthy when I was able to do everything for them? Was I only valued for what I gave and not for who I am? To them?

    I often dream to be someone worthy of them, but that someone is not me...

    No matter what the future holds, I know Ill always be remembered as the "woman" that loved & gave with her whole heart...and never asked for anything in return...I didn't ask, I didn't expect...

    Here Im left piecing myself back together...

    Without regret, learning to love myself

    Love with your whole heart, not bits & pieces..

    #ChronicIllness #ChronicPain #Depression #Anxiety #conqueryourmind #Ileostomy #Trauma #liveloved #Kindness #Loveothers #givegrace

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    Monday Mood

    Labor Day... While many families get together over this weekend (as we used to do).... I find myself longing for those days, yesterdays. Back when life was busy with our children, our family, BBQs, get togethers...Normal Life....

    Time escapes so quickly, time has a way of redirecting our lives, shattering "normalcy" as we once knew. Children grow up, they move out, they move away, become independent, start families of their own...while we raise our children to become adults, the emptiness of our homes silence can become "deafening." Add into a silent home miles in between us, sporadic grandparenting, along with an unexpected illness....Our lives expectations have been redirected onto an unknown path leaving scars, trauma, loneliness, heartache, loss of everything so familiar for decades, in the wake of its path.

    As I travel this journey alone, sometimes my heart just aches for yesterday. For a semblance of belonging, a sense of purpose, anything....

    Anything resembling a hint of normalcy....

    In a life where everything has changed, there I remain.

    Pieces of me....


    Left Behind....

    Left to love from afar...

    Cherishing those short infrequent conservations, lingering on every word, silently begging for a few more minutes....Of time...Time....

    Time I so desperately miss......with them....

    Is it truly the time I miss or the past full of treasured memories?

    Memories of what was....What will never be again....

    Then I sense that old familiar feeling, the creeks of this old house, the smells, the sense of wonder awaiting in this ever changing world....

    My mind stops in that moment, reminding me....

    Our purpose in life changes....

    Sometimes without our permission yet always with redirection.....

    And always on time....

    This is my time... Im allowed this time to heal, to replenish all that I gave away, to piece myself back together, a reminder "Im" worthy of time... Of love....

    Protection, redirection disguised as rejection...

    Our minds are often fickle...More often our own worst enemy.

    Guard your mind, your thoughts, what you allow yourself to believe...

    Take captive those thoughts that dont serve you positively, those that dont add value, the lies.....

    No matter where you are....You are worthy...

    Regardless of your circumstances.....You Matter....

    Even when you dont feel it.... You are loved......

    #liveloved #Trauma #Ileostomy #ChronicPain #Depression #checkinonme #ChronicIllness #conqueryourmind

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    Sunday… A day of rest. A day of reflection.
    Remind yourself of the victories over the past week; small or big.
    Remind yourself to reflect on the “Big” picture.
    Those obstacles we face may seem overwhelming in their entirety but….
    We’re only asked to live moment by moment.
    Break down your days into moments.
    Future plans are great; don’t let them derail you from this moment.
    Take time to do something you enjoy, even if it’s a small block of time. Get up and show up, however that looks like in your day. Show up for yourself. You deserve it! Learn to be a little kinder to yourself, it doesn’t happen overnight so take steps today to start loving yourself regardless of your circumstances.
    Circumstances out of our control are inevitable. Feelings and emotions are fleeting. Find the love for yourself “outside” of circumstances, emotions, or feelings.
    Never look for happiness as an end goal. Happiness is a feeling, therefore fleeting based on circumstances, feelings or emotions.
    Strive for contentment; it’s permanent.
    Remember the obstacles you face are yours.
    Don’t allow comparison yo minimize your situation. Comparison can minimize your circumstances, therefore minimizing your feelings. Your feelings are yours and they are important!
    Allow yourself to feel your feelings; we can never heal from trauma if we don’t allow ourselves to feel.
    Most importantly;
    Whatever your day looks like, today. Take time to love yourself a little more today. Accept “your” normal, even if it’s a little harder than your envisioned.
    I’ve found the more I accept my normal…. is “not” normal, any day, the more I learn to be a little kinder to myself. Comparison brings me sadness, pain, and a whole host of emotions that can steal my entire day.
    All I have is this day, this moment…. The more I realize this, the more I find contentment even in the overwhelming circumstances.
    I’m broken, I’m flawed, I’m most times more than I can handle… moments are easier to move through.
    Today, I choose contentment.
    To see the silver lining.
    To love myself.
    To be a little more patient, a little kinder, and a whole lot more loving, to me.
    In these times I realize, I matter, I’m important and if I don’t choose to love me…
    Then who will?

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    The other day I posted about choices. Not everyone agreed with me and that's okay. I love that I'm learning I can choose how I feel. I can choose to be happy. I can choose to be apart of my health care. I love that I have choices. Yes I'm in therapy and take medicine. Yes I struggle daily but I am choosing to heal and get better. Hope everyone has a good day. #Anxiety #Abuse #conqueryourmind

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    Let’s Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program… for a Long-Winded-Talk about Our Mind

    <p>Let’s Interrupt the Regularly Scheduled Program… for a Long-Winded-Talk about Our Mind</p>
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    Put Your Batteries On!

    <p>Put Your Batteries On!</p>
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