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My Favorite Person is out of my league

I'm struggling to function with my everyday life as I write this because of my FP being away from me.

I'm 22, and graduating soon but I had problems concentrating with my undergrad thesis because I've been only focusing on my FP. She lives in another country, and we only see each other once a month if there's an event. She's a CEO of known company, and as I write this it may be unbelievable that I have some sort of connection with this high profile individual.

She became my FP last October, 2022. She came to my life when my world is crumbling because I already lost connection with my old FP. Knowing the cycle, I had to have a new FP in order to make my life liveable. At first, it's just like a fangirl period where I adore how kind she is. She speaks in different language, I can understand her but there's still a language and culture barrier between us. But it didn't became hindrance, we continue to communicate. And I would do extensive efforts like what I would always do in order to have her validations and attention. I literally came to the point of travelling to another country in order to see her, as of now I already did it thrice. I just flew back last week, and I'm struggling to function right now because my attachment became stronger because of that trip.

Living with BPD, it's a struggle to crave for assurance and validation every moment I felt being abandoned. But because of "not-so-casual relationship" with her, all those feelings are kept inside me and I make sure it doesn't reach her. I also have this urge to give her lengthy messages, to make her feel what I feel but I just do it every time we meet because I don't wanna freak her out by sending random messages like that:) She's not very expressive type, but her actions towards me is what I'm being attached to.
The common ground between my FPs is probably when they gave me trust and attention. She constantly give me that, but it also feels like it's just her personality, or she's just being kind towards me that she's just giving back and doesn't want to owe anything on me.
Every time we bid goodbye when we see each other, she would say "let's not see each other again". As a borderline, that statement would always wreck me. Last March, she said "our friendship ends here" and I cried the hell out of me. So I end up sending her long message, and asked for a hug lol. I became fine after that. Because that statement she would always say it lightheartedly, I became used to it.

Probably this month, we'll gonna be meeting each other again. So I would spend my time searching for gifts I would give her, and just looking back at the memories we had last week. The emotions are still intense, something inside my heart wanted to come out and be released. But I know I had to hold it back.

I only have few days before my thesis deadline, but my whole attention and mind is onto my FP. I am completely not okay right now. Having an FP is so hard, but for the past 10 years, I haven't lived without FP. How do you guys managed not to have FP? I'm a woman, and most/all of my FPs are also women. I see them as my family, mother, sister sort of.

#BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Fp #FavoritePerson


A New FP Observation

I should preface this thought by saying that I have put in the time and effort to try and live alongside my BPD to the best of my ability, and I can see and feel how much better I handle my disorder because I’ve done the hard work.

So I’m aware that I have a new FP. I’ve been good friends with him for years, but in the past couple of months I’ve noticed that my attachment to him has become a lot stronger, so I came to the conclusion that he has reached FP status.

Here’s where my interesting observation kicks in.

I had an issue with him, and I calmly brought it to his attention, and he apologised and took accountability for his actions. I told him that I would need time to heal and he understood. No uncontrollable outburst of anger. No intense crying. Nothing. Just a calm conversation between two parties that ended in an agreeable resolution. And we came back together eventually with no further issue.

My FP recently moved to a different country. He lived on the other side of the country to me, so there shouldn’t have been much difference because it’s not like I physically saw him all the time anyway. But it was the physical act of moving further away from me and creating a distance that triggered my abandonment issues. Once again, no uncontrollable outburst of anger or crying. Instead, I took some time to gather my emotions and process what I was feeling, and then I told him how I felt and why I felt. He completely validated my feelings and understood why I was upset by the move.

Even now, he’s read my latest message to him but hasn’t replied. But I’m actually fine with it. I understand that he’s got things going on, especially with his move, so I’m not crying about not receiving a reply.

I have established such a healthy relationship with my favourite person that it’s almost giving me anxiety how well we’re doing. I’m actually so confused by this healthy relationship that I thought “what if he isn’t my FP” because I am so used to the toxic, unhealthy relationships like with my former FP’s. I know I’ve put in the work to be the best Borderline Barbie I can, so maybe I should just be grateful that I have such a great relationship with my FP.

Has anyone else had a scarily healthy relationship with their favourite person? I really want to hear your stories about this.

#BPD #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Favouriteperson #Fp #MentalHealth

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Borderline friend, I don’t know what to do anymore :(

(Sorry for my english)

I’m here to learn about BPD. I have a friend who looks like someone with BPD except she doesn’t know.

I started my reserch because I wanted to learn to be a better friend for her and I never heard about a FP before today.

But while reading this, I feel like I may be her FP, as she described me as a friendly crush and that we should be best friends. Also she told me while she was drunk that she has affective dependency towards me and she thinks I don’t remember because I was also drunk.

She «manipulates» me to trigger reactions from me. Sometimes when I don’t answer (it happened twice by accident) she was really hurt and afraid, she sent me a message to ask what she did wrong and then apologized for her reaction, telling me she was afraid to be abandonned.

Anyway, the thing is, it’s too intense for me, I need to protect myself and having her around me has become painfull.

We see each other once every month and I’m planning to have THE conversation the next time we see each other.

But I’m afraid.

Of course I don’t want to lose her, I love her. But also I don’t want to leave her alone, I don’t want to trigger that pain in her, I don’t want to make her think that she’s right and that people will leave her.

She’s the kind who keeps everything inside, she makes those perfect pokerfaces when she feels something negative so I know that if I talk about this to her, she will «laugh» and pretend that «if you need space it’s ok, I don’t really care» and make the conversation harder.

She is not comfortable with physical contact. She doesn’t initiate it and even if she likes it, she’s not relaxed while hugging (she told me).

But with me, I suppose it’s different. Sometimes, when we’re watching TV, she lays down and puts her head on my knees and I pet her.

It’s just natural for me, I’m a tactile person, I guess it helps.

Anyway, I’m looking for advices, I’d like not to leave her. She deserves to be happy and sereine, she deserves to have people at her side but I don’t know what to do anymore and how to do it.

Help me, please?

#BPD #Fp


My therapist became my #Fp

It had been a while after I detached from my previous FP and for some months I managed to stay without one. I knew it was going to come back, it always does. I’ve been in therapy for almost two years and the relationship with my therapist is very strong and beautiful, even if I’m not easy to deal with sometimes and I’m extremely jealous of her children, which I know is unfair. In the last months there have been interruptions in our appointments due to holiday and I haven’t reacted well. I relapsed into old habits and I can feel myself spiralling again into this horrible horrible place. I feel lost and empty without her, I can’t tolerate our time apart, I’m jealous of her children and I wish she could be with me all the time. I’m afraid she’ll hate me next time I see her and she’ll leave me and disappear forever. I honestly can’t do it anymore. This is too excruciating and I can’t, I can’t go through that again.


Greatest fear became reality

My heart dropped, right into the pit of my weak stomach. The blood in my body felt like it drained right out of my veins. And then, the nausea and shaking. When bad news becomes so devastating you throw up, you cannot breathe.

My birthday celebrations had been in full swing: my partner and small family, after a year of loss, homelessness and rejection from others/employers whilst dealing with bullying I just wanted a nice day. Just and hour before the clock turned 12 and I’d be another year older; My now ex partner would announce he slept with someone else, I knew something was up by his body language that evening. My intuition told me something is wrong, but I didn’t realise it would be this. Following this devastating news I find out he’d also talk to other girls on dating apps moments after we were close and intimate.

I wanted to stay ignorant, I wish I never knew so I didn’t have to deal with the pain.
This time, he isn’t coming back. He was the last person in my life that hadn’t left; my trauma prior to this has been so immense that not many people have bothered sticking around. I’ve finally found I’m now alone in this world. But the biggest realisation for me is that you can think you know someone, inside out. He would constantly reassure me that I’m the only girl for him, I’m gorgeous in every way for him. He only has eyes for me. But how wrong I was, now realising that it was a front, my rock and my love has completely betrayed me. Disrespected me, and now I’m left to pick up the pieces. I am not to say he was entirely bad, this is why it’s so hard. I was in love, to the ends of the earths with him; a month before he would make a proposal style gesture for a promise ring with a heart inside to say he will never leave and I have his heart. But unfortunately I didn’t quite have the rest of his anatomy.

I know many people will share my feelings in their own stories of infidelity and cheating. As a BPD sufferer, I’d always worry he would leave me, or find someone better than me, the thought of him leaving my life was horrific and painful.
It’s such a crushing feeling of total violation and a loss of trust. I question myself, was it me? Was I not good enough? Was she what he wanted? I wish it never happened, sometimes I wished I stayed ignorant. But that is my denial still at play. I don’t know how I can move onto trust another, when you were once so convinced they were the most loyal and faithful person you’ve met. I still feel sick, I cannot eat, I cannot sleep without crying. Heartbreak is killing my soul inside. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #cheating #Affair #abandonment #Abandoned #Depression #lonely #Fp #Grief #Loss

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Missing my FP

Lately I’ve been missing my ex.

To be more specific and honest, what I’ve missed is the way I felt when I was with him. Every day was an overwhelming feeling of joy and love, that sometimes (eventually most of the time) was created by my brain telling me that finally someone was willing to love me, than what was really happening.

When this relationship ended I was left heart broken and plain broken. My main thought that I was finally being loved turned against me, saying now that I was loveless and empty. It took me a while (plus meds and therapy time) to understand that I was surrounded by love, in all kinds of forms.

But I created a wall, invisible but steady, preventing this and all kinds of love to really reach. If it can’t touch you it can’t hurt you, right? However, I’ve been missing the feeling, and I’m also too scared to let me feel that joy again, with the preconception that I might get hurt and broken again.

Is it worth it to put walls as a precaution? Even though this may keep people outside. Or should I try and try again? With the hopes that this time it might actually work. #Fp #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPD #Depression #Anxiety



I was too much for him, and that’s okay. I can’t be mad that he didn’t save me. I can’t even save myself. That’s the only way I don’t get too depressed over my failed relationship. I loved him. I love him. But it’s okay. I will fill the space with meaningless sex until I am loved again.

#Relationships #Fp #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #Sex
#Selfharm #Depression #Love #hypersexual


Here’s my story. I met someone and she told me had BPD. I did a little research and found out what this really means. We work together. She wanted to have a friendship outside of work. Our first time outside of work, she told me she had feelings for me. I wasn’t taken back by it. In fact, I saw it as a compliment. I cared for her genuinely but not an intimate type of way…at first. Later on as we spent more time together, feelings started to develop…and quickly from us both. Only one problem. She was still in a relationship and I was facing issues with my Christian morals and what my family would think. I came out to my family and closest friends because I really loved her at this point. She broke up with her boyfriend. I thought she was my forever. Through the course of our relationship, she told me that I was her FP. She would constantly go from splitting on me to wanting to marry me. During this time I never stopped doing research on BPD because I love her and I just wanted to understand how to help her better. The good days were amazing. But the bad days…she would tell me how she feels convicted by God and how she didn’t know if being in a same sex relationship was a sin or not and would proceed to break up with me 3 different times in 3 months. In those 3 months I started cutting myself again. Cutting was something I thought I had grown away from and was on the right track with my mental health for almost a year. All this while, the ex boyfriend was still coming around and helping take care of her daughter (who isn’t biologically his). Both of our family’s were not accepting of us at all. I wasn’t welcome at her house and she wasn’t welcome at mine. Fast forwarding some more, I found out that she was cheating on me with her ex-boyfriend that she left for me. She was telling him the exact same things that she was telling me about her love for me. We are no longer together because of her choice to be together with him again because she felt her family loves him and that he is good to her and her daughter I loved her with every ounce in me but I don’t think she ever felt the same. We still work together for now. She will be starting another job soon. And we may never see each other again. I don’t have BPD but is it possible that she could be my FP too? I cant seem to let her go. I think about her constantly. Everything I feel, she is there and I don’t know how to stop from hurting like this. #Love #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #BPDDiagnosis #MentalHealth #emotional mental abuse #FavoritePerson #Fp


#Fp is away

So my FP has left on a work trip, and has no idea when he'll be back. But it will definitely be months. He's also TERRIBLE at remembering to check his phone bc of his own anxiety. Honestly I'm falling apart over it. I moved across the country so he's my main support person. I don't even want to see anyone else. I just want him.

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