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Do you have a goal - no matter how big or "small" - for October?

I like setting small, attainable goals for myself. It makes me feel more optimistic about the future which is needed. And it helps me facilitate some of the changes and growth, I'd like to see in my everyday life.
This is my front page for October in my journal.
And I think my goal for this month is being brave in group therapy. And doing my after session notes for group and individual therapy. I have this opportunity for a short time. And I would like to give myself the gift of getting the most out of it.
Do you have a goal for October?
It doesn't have to be big at all. I find that the "small" goals often times lead to the biggest changes and accomplishments.
Share with us if you feel like it.
I know I feel more accountable when I've shared with you sweet people.
Wishing you a great October🍁🐿🎃

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Chronic feeling of emptiness

Heyy i suffet from quiet bpd and the feeling of chronic emptiness has always been a huge part of my life. Does anybody have some tips, how I could overcome the emptiness?🫶🏻 #quietbpd

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FP validation struggles

I stand very firmly when I have new people prominent in my life especially a new fp, that you don’t have to validate my actions to validate my feelings. I’m also autistic along quiet bpd, today my fp gave me a sad tone when I asked for soemthing so I badgered about what was wrong. They dismissed me and I communicated that made me sad and it made me feel bad. They proceeded to argue saying I was policing them which annoyed me. I told them it hurt me and they dismissed again. I then said I’d put my seatbelt back on if they apologized for invalidating my feelings, wether intentional or not. And they responded with “some feelings just aren’t valid” I know they were referring to me getting so worked up over just the sad tone. But tone is how I interpret everything even if you say something good in an angry tone I will perceive it as anger. I did my best to communicate healthily but then they said that and I splashed my water at them. They told me I belong in patient and instead I’ve been waking up angry every morning which I haven’t been angry not til a little later in the day. I don’t know how to communicate how they hurt me. They usually don’t react like that. Any suggestions? #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #quietbpd #FavoritePerson

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Bringing up BPD to counselor

Is it frowned upon to ask a counselor about the possibility of a diagnosis or their thoughts on you having a disorder? She may already be leaning that way but I've had concerns about it for the past year. I relate to every symptom and people's descriptions of their experiences with it. Idk if it's worth it to ask or if I'll seem ignorant for doing so. #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #quietborderline #quietbpd

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Overwhelming emotion-thought whirlwinds

The emotional intensity of these just hands my ass too me. All of a sudden everything feels wrong I am angry, sad, scared with such intensity that I’m bombarded with intrusive thoughts of ending things, between floods of tears or flashes of rage depending on the tone of the snap, I sit crying with intrusive thoughts of self-harm and suicide that I just have to fight not to act on.

The emotions are so intense they control my mind, I get caught in thought loops, “make them break up with you so you can die without hurting anyone” - I am AWARE that these emotions are too intense, and I’m aware my thoughts are irrational but the emotional intensity and mental scrambling is at such intensity I can’t pull myself out of it. Unless I self-harm, which I don’t do. So it lasts, 4,5,6 - 9 hours.

I watch it and slowly try to pick my emotions apart. Draw them write them, call a helpline and talk. Try to get to the core of this tangled knot of emotional bullshit. I feel shame for the thoughts and feelings I have in that state which are hard to recover from. And the intensity of the experience is such that I _feel_like_ I did the things I only thought and felt.

Too other people it looks like I go from normal to a broken mess in half a day, they don’t understand because I can’t explain. I can’t explain because of the shame, because I’m aware how crazy the experience is. So I just keep it inside, try to forgive myself and keep being a good person to the people around me. Xx #TriggerWarnings #emotionalinstability #Selfharm #quietbpd #SuicidalIdeation

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How serious is quiet BPD?

Living with quiet borderline personality disorder can be exhausting and incredibly debilitating. It can stop a person from being able to enjoy their everyday life, as they struggle to cope with the intense thoughts and emotions that they experience. #BPD #quietbpd

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BPD Vs. Quiet BPD - Explained

The main difference is that with quiet BPD, you internalize emotional struggles and episodes. While those with BPD have intense impulsivity, anger outbursts, and episodes of anxiety and depression that are obvious to those around them, turning anger inward is more typical with quiet BPD.#BPD #quietbpd

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Abandonment & BPD

Every situation in life can almost fall under been abandoned when you have bpd, depending on how extreme your bpd is if like me I have Quiet BPD, then everything in life affects you. You can meet someone on a new job you just got and in 2 weeks if they decide to quit, you will feel the emotional disconnect. Has the same feeling as you are being abandoned by your parents as a child. But without the intensity because you are not in a relationship with them. You basically just met them one time or more within that 2-week time frame #Abandoned #BPD #quietbpd



Does anyone know a god way how to get across how you’re feeling and what you’re going through with quiet body? I find that the people who know I have bpd struggle to get it because my symptoms aren’t so outward and they’ve read about the typical bpd portrayals. Just wish there was a way to get across how much pain and torment it can be having this illness #quietbpd #BPD #struggling #MentalIllness

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