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Don't know why I'm struggling

Something feels off. I feel down. Not depressed or anxious, just blue. I haven't eaten yet and I was going to make myself a nice cup of tea to cheer myself up but I don't have the spoons. I just don't feel good.
I've got a bad tummy ache and my hips hurt. I should probably take a Percocet. I just am so tired of being tied to bottles of pills just to function.
#CheckInWithMe #feelingblue

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One of those days #feelingblue #numb

The saline water has eluded us long back, only patches remain, like the blood stains on the surgical table.
Outcast in a hostile world, we keep looking for something which resembles our earliest memories of life, sans sight, sans speech.. where we were understood without the need for a word. I took this picture as my mother grasped my hand, for perhaps that evening I looked a lot like the native woman who had walked into the ocean...
The way a child runs into her mother's open arms..

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Body Aches and Wanting to Give Everything Up

In the last couple of days, the body aches have come and progressed. It’s usually when my body hurts is when I sink deeper into sadness because I feel like I can never reach the goals that I’ve had in mind for the day. I’ve reached a point mentally where I feel the need to give up on people and certain situations. I’ve even had moments where I’ve said to myself:” I give up... I just give up.” I start thinking of past events up to this point and it drives me to sadness, anger, and ultimately just feeling “done”. I tend to hold on to hope that maybe things will change, and I’m deeply saddened or frustrated. They were once good in my eyes and now they are nothing to me in an instant. I want nothing to do with them, but I change my mind when things seem good. Lately, I’ve felt like maybe it is better that I just isolate myself from them for a while, I’ve convinced myself that my existence is not that important to them anyway. #Depression #MentalHealth #bodyaches #Aches #givingup #Isolation #Sadness #feelingblue

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Nobody Knows #MightyPoets

Nobody Knows that I exist.
Nobody Knows about my pains that persist.
Nobody Knows what's on my mind.
Nobody Knows what I've left behind.
Nobody cares they just act like they do.
They think I don't know, buy it's sadly true.

Been through so much, haven't we all?
Is there really a God on who we can call?
I don't know much, all I do is think.
Can you imagine a captain happening to sink.
Well I've reached the brink of my sanity.

- 🐝🍯


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