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The death process is so hard💔

I’m sitting here in the veterans home with my dad who doesn’t have long with us and my heart is so broken. I lost my baby brother, 55 years old, in June, had lost my oldest brother in 2011, 54 years old and then it was me and my daddy. He lives on my property and was very independent, on December 7th he fell after coming back from the grocery and broke his femur, he is 89, and has declined since. I just needed to put this in writing, kind of like having all of y’all to talk to. I ask please, that y’all will keep us in your thoughts and prayers, that he will have a peaceful transition. I will miss him so very much💔
#ceds #CRPS /RSD #Gastroparesis #Brokenhearted

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Today Will Suck

Today is going to stink. I know because I had trouble sleeping last night and I have like zero energy. I don't know what to do. Last night all I heard on the radio were Valentine's Day songs. Being single sucks I hate it. My phone is at 75% because it didn't charge that much last night. At least tonight I finally have basketball practice for Special Olympics. I don't know what I need right now. Instead of love songs I am listening to music about broken hearts. #Brokenhearted #Depression

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Searching Guidance

Today is 11 months since my husband died. Which means in 1 month it will be a year. I really want it to just be another regular day. However I can't help the anxious thoughts of what I'll go through. Yet, I know grief is messy and unpredictable. I guess I want to know how others experienced of the 1yr mark #Widow #firstyeargrief #Grief #Brokenhearted

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1st year without daddy on Mother’s Day

I still can’t believe that he is actually gone for I don’t leave my house unless I really need to… then today comes along and I didn’t get my phone call and it hits me all over again… my 13 year old daughter is taking it very bad and it’s such a bad age to be dealing with greif… I’m just lost without him #chronic depressive #Bipolar #Greiving #Brokenhearted

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Missing my Dad

What do I do when I feel like a piece of me died with him? I miss my #Dad more than anything. I am #hesrtbroken and thinking about the days he and I went to #MagicKingdom together and all the #DisneyWorld magic that we had in our hearts. This lives on with me.

I miss you Dad..


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What do you think happens when you die??? They are a few different options to believe in ?

I have to believe that we are living another life where we meet again or you will be happy and proud waiting for me at the pearly gates? Any other options for how lost soulmates to find each other for it is the only thing holding me together!!! #Brokenhearted #BipolarDisorder #multiple personality disorder


I need him with me

I have to take my little Buddy (not my bio child but I have helped raise him since the day he was born) back to his neglectful, drug addicted mother tonight and my heart is broken. I hate when it’s time to take him home, she is the worst mom in the world. I wish I could take her to court to adopt him but she would never sign over her rights. I wish leaving him didn’t hurt so bad. Not being able to handle my emotions because of BPD makes it that much worse #Brokenhearted #Depression #borderlinepersonality

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#brokenheart #brokenhearts #Brokenhearted #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder

Do you think your feelings of a broken heart are actually your heart breaking?
What else can be causing so much pain? 🤔