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I slept weird the other night. It gave me such a PAIN in the neck!

I have #Fibromalgia , chronic pain, chronic fatigue, chronic vertigo (more like unsteadiness, not spinning), pre diabetes came back after being diabetic, I’m still eating well & trying to exercise, but every time I exercise or sleep on the other side, etc… I end up with such bad pain in my muscles going from my neck to my arms. I’m going to order a shoulder/neck warming pad. Was wondering what else I could do? I didn’t even try exercising today. My head is wonky from terrible winds here and cold rain. I use an air glider for exercise. When it’s nicer, I’ll be able to take my Walker out.

Thanks in advance for any ideas. #Fibromyalgia #Fibro #diabetes2 #Deaf #HOH #Exercise #Pain

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Hi 😊
First time posting 🤚
Im going through a bit of a medication nightmare .
Was diagnosed with fibro/cfs 2005 , then RA later.
I did the usual lyrica, cymbalta, over the counter pain meds, panadine fort etc etc .. for around 6 years. None of them gave me quality of life 🤨
I was then put on oxycontin 10 mgs ( what bad stigma it has) it worked, had a bit of a life was ok, pain was managable .. then palexia 50 mgs again wasnt to bad( didnt want to go up in dose so i remand on 50 mgs am n pm) was on it for 4 years. Till a few months ago , my doctor asked me to wean off, so i did .
Thought i would try cbd oil through a doctor , ok great feeling positive .. THC n me do not go well 🤷‍♀️so tried 100 cbd oil , did it help with pain nope .. it felt like someone was trying to rip my muscles from my bones ( ouch)

So where from here 🤷‍♀️
Has anyone tried Savella ? Good, bad the ugly ? Could you please share your experience. ?
Any suggestions would be fantastic as i am at a loss from where to go from here to get some quality of life back 🧐


Accomplishment for today.

Haven't washed my hair in two weeks. Got the courage to do it today. Now I'm sitting here exhausted & in pain. But hey I have clean hair #Fibromalgia



OK so I'll start with me do you get it
I'm 45 i have #Fibromalgia and #CFS severe #Anxiety inc #SocialAnxiety and i am diagnosed #BPD but im convinced their wrong it was very loosely suggested as a dx after they wrongly dx bipolar, i think im #autisic #autisicas i have many of the traits and stim. I live in London with my #Autistic son (high fucntioning) and my partner who's literally like living with 2 people and his moods change daily. We've been together 8 years, he cancelled 2 paid for weddings and refuses to let me sell my wedding dress as he promises we will do it one day (he's 60) he owns a house with his ex wife and they've just given it to his son & his gf and their 2 kids and im not allowed to go there.... i was but it all stopped a year ago when he left me then begged me back and they blamed me (actually the gf did... not even the son, but noone says anything so I'm just left to deal with it and feel alone and left out constantly)
I have 2 other sons, one who I dont see at all and one who's just moved in eith his gf and they've had a baby, my first real grandchild, only the gf comes from a very different background and my son has changed so much he now barely messages me and if he does it usually to ask for money (lots of it) or to ask last minute if I'll have my grandaughter
Of course I say yes, but last time I had her I fed her about 1/2 an hour too late and turned off the light yo watch a film and got some extremely bad messages afterwards from them.
I bought everything they have for their baby (wanting better for them than I had, I had to beg & borrow when I had mine, so I bought everything, since then in 8 weeks I've paid their rent, helped them get their money sorted and paid my sons car insurance all while being treated like crap, I do it for my grandaughter more than anyone ... anyway, back to me, I've been in bed for 7 months only getting up if they come round, I cry daily, my partner loves me openly one day and the next is just horrible, I'm unable to bathe or shower alone but I dont get help so have not been able to clean myself for a few weeks now, just a wash, even that hurts, I cant cook for myself so I only eat if he cooks and I have 2-3 cups of tea a day! Thats it! I'm told I'm overreacring, a drama queen constantly. I'm so alone I moved here to be near him about 4 years ago and left everything I knew , 3 years ago my dad passed away. I've not even dealt with that yet
I take fentayl patches for pain and diazapam for anxiety as I'm allerfic to most other things . I spend all day & night alone
My partner has been sleeping downstairs now for months & other than being tea in the morning and evening I barely see him
Now my son with autism has a temp & cough and is having a covid test tomorrow but my partner thinks I'm being a dram queen & instead of isolating he's going to work. I'm so worried about my son, me, as I have low immunity & my partner, but he hasn't said one caring word! I dont know what to do?


My Fibromaligia

When my Fibromyalgia would flare it would go through an entire process in minutes. First came a general feeling of unwell like the start of a flu or virus Then the pain would start. Every fiber of my being would erupt in agonizing pain. Pain that made you sob. Then the chronic fatigue would kick in. There would not be any position I could lie in to alleviate any of the pain. When the pain would alienate enough that I could get up maybe 3 days later all I wanted to do was sleep. Eating would be too much exertion. A flare could start for a variety of reasons such as overworking stress being on a train or plain where I couldn't move around to take pressure off body part loud noise. #Fibromalgia ##Chroni ##Chroni #Stress