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Self-Love/Self-Care 🍃

Hey everyone,

So I’ve realised over the last few days that self love & self care are two very important things ; and they’ve got to come first before anything. How are you supposed to love anyone/anything if you don’t even love or appreciate yourself?

I’ve always struggled to love myself, and see the good in myself. It’s not just my looks, it’s my personality and the way I act. I’ve always believed I’m not enough and that I’ll always fail. I never did fail. I always did well in school, and college and got my grades and fell into jobs straight away. At the moment, I’m struggling because nowadays in England it’s pretty fucking difficult to get a job with a contract, but as well as that, my mental health has screwed me over a few times. But I know that’s okay now. I try not to feel guilty for it anymore. I’m on my way to success and happiness (finally, I think).

All I wanna do in my life is make a good life for me and my boyfriend but I know if I wanna do that, I’ve gotta push myself that little bit harder and go for it! I’m going back into being a support worker, and I’m even doing a little bit of waitressing where my boyfriend works as a chef. Just waiting on everything to go through properly. I know that I’ve gotta work for the life I desperately want for me and my other half - so I’m gonna do it. I’m finally determined - I just hope I have no more knock backs.

I was out walking my friends dogs yesterday, we look after them when they go on holiday, and I haven’t noticed how beautiful the outside life is for such a long time. The birds were singing, the wind was blowing in my hair & in the trees, the dogs paws were skipping along the path, children were playing and laughing, the air was just so peaceful and it was sunny. I’m so glad I’ve realised the beauty in that sort of thing again - it made my heart so happy.

I finally think the darkness is fading, and the sun is coming out to shine 🌞💫

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#BPD #Borderline #MentalHealth #mental #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalIllness People see different parts of me. Some see the hyper Demi silly on a high, others see me more toned down. But not many see the broken sole. I can go from happy to sad to angry to hyper all in one day, sometimes it can stick around longer especially depressive episodes. It’s incredibly hard to be a mother, a partner and a friend. But I am still me. One day I might think nothing can brake me the next I might be on the verge to taking my life. These photos were taken on the same day how I woke up to how I put on my warrior face. The problem being it’s extremely tiring being a warrior, especially fighting the battle alone. I only have ever opened up to one person about this and let one person see this part of me, that person is no longer in my life and it’s the worst feeling in the world. I have never felt so alone with my emotions. My mental illness causes me to be impulsive, moody, overly dependent, childlike and many more challenges. But it also makes me have a grate ability to empathises with others, care about people and love so so much the world stops. I know people don’t understand and I know people will think about everything that could be worse and how I should be fine. But my brain is my brain 🧠 and mental ill health is real. #BPD #Borderline #MentalHealth #mental #MentalHealthAwareness #MentalIllness #BorderlinePersonalityDisorder #followforfollowback #follow4followback #followforfollow #FOLLOW #followtrain #followme