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A new day, hopefully a new start...

Every morning when I wake up, I think of 3 things: I want to be a better person then the day before, my Dad (he just died at 52 and he was in stellar health. Actually had a sudden heart attack while working out.) and finally hope for a new day this a new start. This is pivotal to me as I suffer from manic depression, anxiety and PTSD. As I write this-I think of all the new ways I can change me today...but I don’t necessarily want to change myself. I just want to get better. I hope everyone out there has a fresh start and whatever ailments you suffer from are quit today. #Depression #Fresh start

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So today was really bad. I was stuck in my head listening to #VoicesInMyHead telling me “you’re horrible at your job they are probably going to #Fire you for being #stupid .” All fucking day!!! I just could not catch a break. Finally I told my supervisor I need #Fresh -air. So I went out for a walk just looking at the sky and let out the #Largestandloudest sigh. My head finally went #silent . No noise. It was a peace I haven’t had in years. I felt renewed when I returned and made the most of my day. The best part was coming home to my niece with a valentines for me. Simple and sweet. #betterdays #Ahead