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    Dear society, I have 6 non-romantic system partners and it’s not made up | TW erasure #venting

    Dear society,

    Please stop making all of your information on
    "love" advice for romantic couples or just
    throuples. Please stop assuming that only couples exist. And please stop assuming that
    everyone has or wants a partner or feels
    romantic/sexual attraction to someone. It's very
    annoying! I'm queerplatonic with all of my 6, yes 6, partners. Not romantic, but more than platonic. It’s real.

    Please stop assuming that our
    partners are either a boy or a girl. I have one wife, two non-binary spouses, and
    three non-married non-binary partners.

    Don't tell me to choose one. Don't ask me who I
    like more because I like all of them equally and
    that's that. Don't tell me my partners are "made
    up" because we're in a system.

    Oh, and one last thing. Please stop making Valentine’s Day look like it’s solely a romantic holiday. Because that’s very annoying also. The most important thing is loving yourself above anything else. Not everyone experiences love to others.

    A non-binary man who is tired of this
    amatonormativity and monogamy-centered
    society /neg /vsrs

    #feelingerased #LGBTQIA #polyamorous #polyaffectionate #erasure #DearSociety #ThislsMe #tired #system #ValentinesDay #Important #Anxiety #erasure #queerplatonic

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    Shot to the heart… or beheaded

    February 14th Juno Februata Day.
    Ancient Romans celebrated a holiday on February 14th to honour the Goddess Juno who is the queen of the Roman Gods. Juno is also the Goddess of child birth and marriage. In this ritual women would
    put their name in a box and then men would draw out a name then the two would be coupled for the duration of the festival. This festival was to promote marriage and fertility and many of the people who were coupled went on to marry.

    February 13th to 15th, Lupercalia.
    Romans celebrated Lupercalia a 3 day holiday that celebrated the Faunus the God of fertility. Men would go to a cave dedicated to Lupercal, the Wolf God. Located at the foot of Palatine Hill, believed to be, the birth place of Romulus and Remus the founders of Rome, who were suckled by a she-Wolf. The men would sacrifice a goat, dress the skin in its blood, and then run around towns and villages whipping men and women with said skin. This was said to be a blessing of fertility to who ever was whipped. There would be big parties and a 3 day feast and festival to celebrate Lupercalia.

    February 14th Valentine's Day.
    ♥️The Church♥️
    Followers of Christ, or should I say the church, typically do not celebrate St Valentine's Day or even acknowledge it on
    their calendar. Those who do not, choose not to, as they do not believe Valentine was a saint and they call the holiday a Pagan festival. (Because like most holidays, it is)
    Valentine's Day gets it's name from a priest called Valentine, who was performing secret, behind the churches back, marriages so young men didn't have to go to war (men who were married at that time didn't have to go to war) When he was found out he was sent to prison sentences to be beheaded by the church for his crimes. While in prison, awaiting his fate,
    he fell in love with a servant girl. Said to be the guards daughter. They passed notes to each other and on the notes they signed them anonymous to keep their love secret. This is said to be why we are taught to send Valentine's card anonymously. #ValentinesDay #Love

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    Happy Valentine's Day

    Valentine's Day.. it can either be seen as a day of grumbling and grief... Or a day to be loving and kind to one another. Even if it means smiling to a stranger in the grocery store. Snuggle your loved one or snuggle your pet. Be kind to yourself and love yourself for who you are.

    Have an Awesome and Happy Valentine's Day.


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    February Feels! #TRD #TreatmentresistantDepression #Love

    I hope that you love yourself this month. Find one thing that you absolutely love about yourself and praise it all month. You are awesome and worthy of all the love in the world. 💚 #ValentinesDay #February #Selflove

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    Rainbow Rose

    A little rainbow rose i painted for my wife for Valentine's day. Hadn't planned on doing art today, but I'm trying to do something creative every day to forget my pain. #rainbow rose #rainbow #LGBT #ValentinesDay #watercolor #SpinalStenosis #ChronicMigraines #spinalcordstimulator #ChronicPain #Asthma

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    So this is my date for the night! She name is uke. She my boyfriends standing while he’s on bed rest. ❤️

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    My hand held the shapes of circle, there’s no bouquet of roses but I can feel the thorns. I just finished browsing the lover’s section at the local drugstore and imagined your signature at the bottom of my favorite card, but instead got a paper cut from the envelope. Every balloon I looked at faded and shriveled, every stuffed animal I reached for shrugged back turning in their “will you be mine?” hearts. All of the good chocolates had been picked out of the big heart boxes. The shelves gaping holes in a mocking smile. All gone gifts, waiting on top of rose petals, on top of beds and tabletops.
    My fingertips grazed the shelves pushing around the price tag and I imagined the effect those gifts would have on their respective recipients tonight. That’s not counting the diamonds that will not only litter the sky but velvet boxes above bended knees everywhere.
    But I am here in this vacant aisle, holding the thorns of Valentines Day, while everyone else’s gets the petals of happy.

    #ValentinesDay #Anxiety #Depression #TheMighty

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    Today is a special day for those who get busy. A day set a side like other holidays to do special thinks and make time to spend with others. Companies have took advantage and profited off people with #differentlovelanguages .
    With all this said... does it mean you have to have a romantic other? NO.
    Today you can spend it with anyone whom you care for. Yourself, a relative, a best friend, your kids, your pets... the list goes on. Life gets busy. This is what holidays are actually for... spending time together and making memories. It is not all about money.
    Technology, everyday should be this way... but, as I stated.. life gets busy as we try to survive in our world now ... that revolves around money. It is a bit sad.. but, very true.
    So, I hope this has helped someone's day become brighter. It is not lonely and sad. #Selflove is not sad but, #Important .

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