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Dreams Do Come True, Even When You Have Depression

It's 2017,March to be exact,with a childhood dream in my heart and nothing to lose, I started talking to whomever would listen about the vision that wouldn't let me go. I wanted to create a place for people to work on projects related to nature and gardening and help each other in a community.
I believe this dream came from a place of deep psychological and emotional loneliness. I connected with nature much more significantly than with people, though I longed to really connect with others, I didn't know how.
In 2015, July, I lost my employment due to a relapse of depression. Childhood loneliness and debilitating depression and the desire to be well, spurned me on to put signs up on community boards in coffee shops to gather people interested in gardening. For four years we were an ad hoc group of volunteers who took on beautification projects. Now, since late May of this year, 2022 we have been officially made a subcommittee of the local chamber of commerce. We now have the benefit of the credibility that the affiliation with the Chamber brings as well as more opportunities to do more with our gardening projects. In conclusion, you can live your dreams, while living with depression. #Gardening



#BipolarDisorder #chronic pain, #Fibromyalgia # mighty minute# 52 small things#Trauma - medical and sexual,#Gardening #Quiet time and space
Diagnosed in 1975 many hospitalizations before meds figured into picture. Lithium was a bust for me cuz couldn't get a decent blood level and blood draws were killer.
Over the years the mood swings calmed down 👇 but Anxiety became my enemy.
I've learned skills over the years but nothing is foolproof for me. Requires constant change and attention.

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Visual sermon at sunset

The icon of enlightenment said so much in silence…and this beatitude I experienced right in my garden one mellow evening…
#enlightenment #Depression #Gardening #photographyastherapy #Grief

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Tiny but mighty. #Gardening #GardenTherapy #grateful

These are the first of the season. They might not be impressive but I am so grateful for the opportunity to harden at my little apartment building. It gives me a reason to go outside when I “think” I want to just hide from the world. Caring for plants is a great distraction from whatever is going on in your head.
I’m going to savour each and every mors of these little tomatoes in tonight’s salad.

What’s happening in your garden this week?

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Sunflowers in the mushroom bed #Mushrooms #Gardening

Our neighbors had a tree removed that used to provide a lot of shade for our wine cap mushroom bed. Squirrels and birds plant some of the black oil sunflower seeds I put out for them, and while I would normally pull the seedlings from the mushroom bed, I left them as an experiment to see how much shade they will offer. It may turn out to be the right amount for wine caps as they like to have some sun. The mushrooms usually fruit in the fall, so we’ll see. In the meantime, enjoying the beauty.

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Bees 🐝 #Gardening #Happiness #depressionbuster #sunshine

I just love bees! I have never been stung working in the garden ever!
I just love watching them go from flower to flower, buzzing away and oblivious to me, the giant human just inches away.
This is such a great feeling, connecting with nature. It absolutely fills my ❤️

Anyone else love the bees?
Anyone have a pollinator garden?
If you do, what plants have you got in yours? Share a photo if you can in comments. ( I’m still pretty new so not sure if that works)

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Gardening really helps.

Gardening is something that gives me purpose. Growing my own vegetables is great for my health. Watching things grow teaches me patience. Working with others in our garden gives me community. Pictured is a radish. I had to thin them because they were too close together and there wasn’t enough room for them to grow. I put the plants I pulled out in the compost so they can nurture the garden in the future. I thought about how Natalie Goldberg said that writing in a notebook is like composting because the ideas need time, and that’s why I’m trying to write more often.

Gardening nourishes the body and the soul.

#Anxiety #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder
#Gardening #DiabetesType2