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Flower, no watering needed!

A new trend: Amaryllis flower, the bulp is covered with wax. No watering needed, nothing else to do but enjoy. No stinky water, nothing to clean, no soil. A great way to enjoy such gorgeous flowers and a good solution for anyone not having any knowledge of plants or people always struggling to take care of them. My new favorite for bad days ☺️ #Depression #uplifting #Plants #Spoonie

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Who else lives for this moment? 🌱

Nothing can beat this moment! When a
seedling finally breaks trough!

(I even prefer seeds to a bunch of flowers 😆)

What about you? Does a new seedling showing up also make your day? … and has the power to turn a bad day into a brighter one? Maybe even is a reason to get up in the morning only to check for?

Above pictured: my Avocado seedling 🥑

#Plants #uplifting #highlight

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Do you know any blue plants?

I found this little gorgeous flowers today on my way (I also like the strong contrast between the red parts of it leaves and the deep green colour). ☺️

Did you know: Blue is a really rare colour in nature. Sure, there is the sky and water seems to be blue due to reflections, but plants and also animals are rare. Which plant comes into your mind thinking of the colour blue?

Kudo to the one knowing the name of the plant pictured above 😉 I couldn't figure it out yet. #Nature #Plants


Masks with plantseeds

Yes, sounds funny. But the story behind is what I like and would like to share with you. A lady got annoyed about all the dumped masks during Corona.

She was thinking a lot about, made a lot
f tests then created some, made of two rice paper, between a sheet with flower seeds. She used wool for ear loops and egg packaging to cut flowers that helps to adjust the loops. Be aware they aren't medical masks, but a great idea to turn community masks to something better. They are fully decomposable.

Probably the only mask I would love to wear! Like: can't wait to get home to plant this one! 😁😆

#COVID19 #Nature #Plants

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Livening up the place.

I've been learning about plants and how to develop a green thumb with my mother's help (even at 41 I'm still a proud mother's boy) of course. Living on my own I find it very peaceful having several plants around my place and now I added one outside that'll last all year round. It brings me peace and solace. It's joyful to look at and gives me something else to be responsible for. When I moved back out of my mother's again several people in my life closest to me worried about me living on my own due to my mental health and my drug/alcohol recovery which can be rocky at times. This is just one of the many things that helps me and puts a smile on my face.
#GreenThumb #Planting #Plants #MentalHealth #MentalIllness #Bipolar #BipolarDisorder #Mania #Depression #ADHD #Anxiety #OCD #ObsessiveCompulsiveDisorder #Recovery #DrugRecovery #AlcoholRecovery #drugaddict #alcoholic

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Do you also like to be in nature to charge your batteries?

What is your favourite place? Do you prefer mountains, a lake, a river, forest, a beach....?

(this is me after a long hike with my dog. We were alone at this like and it was one of these perfect moments)
#Nature #Plants #Depression #BipolarDepression #Wheelchair