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Missing Summer #ArtTherapy #GoodByeSummer #ChronicPain #phobias

The outdoors in nature is where I spend most my free time. As winter is fast approaching. Snow coming tomorrow :( I am dreading the length dark cold colorless subzero weather that will take up the next 6months. It give me a feeling of being closed in with no escape. There are many great things about winter but my body hurts so badly it’s hard to enjoy much. It would be so nice to hibernate and basically sleep theough it all.


End of Summer

These past few summers have been difficult for me - I’ve always hated summer for various reasons. Summer is often times when I feel lowest. But this summer... this summer has truly been a blessing. Best summer of my life. Thank God for this. But it ended today. First day of school tomorrow. Wish me luck! #Depression #Summer #Blessed #GoodByeSummer #NewBeginnings

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TIME, I have mixed emotions about you. Without you, we wouldn’t have opportunities to grow mentally, physically, & spiritually. Without you we wouldn’t have opportunities to experience life and love. However, you seem to pass quickly....way too quickly! I see the babies I was blessed with growing up and maturing before my eyes. TIME, you are bitter sweet. My daughters were meant to grow and one day leave and you are the conduit for that transition; but, it seems to be happening faster than I would like. Maybe I blame you when I should blame myself instead. Am I taking every opportunity to make the best of every hour and every day, or am I easily distracted by things that really don’t matter?
TIME, keep reminding me that you can be my friend, if I chose to take full advantage of the opportunities you give me. Remind me to slow down and cherish every moment. Remind me to never leave anything unsaid. Remind me to put my phone down more (unless it’s to take a photo 😉) and to always be present. Remind my children to seize opportunities placed before them in the midst of this school year and to be a light to others. We never know what the student sitting beside us is struggling with or is dealing with at home. We never know what our teachers are going through at home or with their peers. So, TIME, even though I still have mixed emotions about you, I will chose to treat you with respect because I know you will not slow down, but maybe I can.
#FirstDayOfSchool #MyGirls #Blessed #time #Slowdown #HighSchool #Sophmore #MiddleSchool #EighthGrade #opportunities #bepresent #Momlife #Momblogger #teenagegirls #thankful #thursday #GoodByeSummer #NewBeginnings

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