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Read receipts on text messages

I have a love/ hate relationship with read receipts on text message. They sometimes just drive me absolutely bonkers. If it’s saying read it’s like cool they read it and are about to reply. But the more time ticks by it’s like oh crap did I mess something up, why are they not replying? 🦖 Then if it’s not read you sit there staring at it like why haven’t they read my message? Do they hate me? Are they trying to gently ghost me? Then it’s like your spiraling ideas pop in your head, no can’t do that because it’s desperate, no can’t do that because then you’re friend will think your crazy, and no you definitely can’t do that it’s vaguely stalkerish. I feel like my anxiety is just marching around in my head saying red alert 🚨🚨🚨🚨. Time to freak the heck out. Like no brain chill out they just have a life and haven’t had a chance to look at it/ respond. I swear my anxiety is better than a sports car 0 to 100 in less than a second. #Anxiety #Slowdown #Chill

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TIME, I have mixed emotions about you. Without you, we wouldn’t have opportunities to grow mentally, physically, & spiritually. Without you we wouldn’t have opportunities to experience life and love. However, you seem to pass quickly....way too quickly! I see the babies I was blessed with growing up and maturing before my eyes. TIME, you are bitter sweet. My daughters were meant to grow and one day leave and you are the conduit for that transition; but, it seems to be happening faster than I would like. Maybe I blame you when I should blame myself instead. Am I taking every opportunity to make the best of every hour and every day, or am I easily distracted by things that really don’t matter?
TIME, keep reminding me that you can be my friend, if I chose to take full advantage of the opportunities you give me. Remind me to slow down and cherish every moment. Remind me to never leave anything unsaid. Remind me to put my phone down more (unless it’s to take a photo 😉) and to always be present. Remind my children to seize opportunities placed before them in the midst of this school year and to be a light to others. We never know what the student sitting beside us is struggling with or is dealing with at home. We never know what our teachers are going through at home or with their peers. So, TIME, even though I still have mixed emotions about you, I will chose to treat you with respect because I know you will not slow down, but maybe I can.
#FirstDayOfSchool #MyGirls #Blessed #time #Slowdown #HighSchool #Sophmore #MiddleSchool #EighthGrade #opportunities #bepresent #Momlife #Momblogger #teenagegirls #thankful #thursday #GoodByeSummer #NewBeginnings

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How do I slow down?

It’s been a rough week for me. Between the weather and my activities, my RA is flaring and exercises aren’t helping. I tried a recovery day yesterday but I’m still dragging today.
Plus my daughter graduates high school next Sunday so I’m getting anxious about her going off to college. A lot on my plate right now. How do I slow down so I can enjoy things?

#CheckInWithMe #Slowdown #Anxiety #Fatigue #RheumatoidArthritis

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I'm sure people driving down my street (and probably some neighbors) were wondering why the heck I was laying on my front concrete patio this evening. It's because, sometimes you just need to change up your view. #Slowdown #enjoylife #Anxiety


Emotional spring cleaning

Sometimes finding the right words really help myself and other people to understand what I need to do. Emotional spring cleaning sums it up and I'm doing that today! Working from home today, taking some time to quieten my mind because I can sense it filling up and I know I'm becoming hyper-manic. At times like this, I need to slow down before it goes too far.

#hypermanic #emotionalspringcleaning #emotional #mind #MentalHealth #Slowdown


Sharpening the Saw: The importance of taking time out

Many of us go through extended periods of time when our work-life balance is off. Over-worked and under nurtured, we might even be approaching burnout without even being aware of it. When this happens it becomes essential to take time to rejuvenate. Stephen Covey talked about this problem in a principle he called ‘Sharpen the saw.’ And he illustrated the idea using an analogy:
Imagine a woodcutter who has been sawing wood for a couple of days. Over time the saw has dulled because of overuse and he’s gradually becoming less and less productive. So the only solution is to stop and sharpen the saw; but from the woodcutters perspective, there is no time to sharpen the saw: there’s wood to saw and he’s already behind. Well, this captures how we often feel about self-care amidst our busy lives. How can we carve out time for rest or meditation when there’s so much to do? But, of course, we must take time to sharpen the saw otherwise we risk damaging our capacity to be active and productive in life. Sharpening the saw means enhancing and preserving the greatest asset we have: ourselves. It means rejuvenating ourselves physically, emotionally and mentally. So, today, contemplate areas of your life that could use a recharge and think about ways to sharpen the saw. It might mean taking more time for rest, exercise or meditation. It might mean nourishing yourself with intellectual stimulation, connection with others or creative play. As Stephen covey said “most people struggle with life balance simply because they haven’t paid the price to decide what is really important to them.” #calm #Mindfulness #Selfcare #Slowdown #Timeforyou #worklifebalance